AKADO Telecom and Netris Launch TV Broadcasting Service over the Internet

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

COMCOR (works under AKADO Telecom brand), a telecom operator with the largest multiservice network in Moscow region, and Netris, a leader in software development and integration for IP communications and digital TV, have presented TV Broadcasting Service over the Internet.

The key features of TV Internet Broadcasting System (TIBS) are the following: there are no geographical limits in TV signal delivery, worth seeing quality of picture and an opportunity to broadcast channels in HD quality.

TIBS enables content producers to broaden their TV audience offering the premium content over the Internet. This solution can be interesting for TV channels and other media producers, content aggregators, sport event organizers and other companies to be connected with content generating.

TIBS is based on Netris’ IPSoft WebView solution. This carrier class platform is located in AKADO Telecom’ data processing center. The broadcasting process is completely realized on the operator infrastructure so customers can use it in a way of outsourcing.

AKADO Telecom provides video delivery from content producer to TIBS where the content is transcoded in a customer preferred standard to be broadcasted over the Internet. There is an opportunity to deliver analog and digital TV signals, including HDTV. Customers are provided with special program code to be placed on the web site to offer best of breed viewing experience in demonstrating the delivered content.