Microtune Ships Mobile TV Tuners in Second Round of Orders

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
LG Electronics logo

PLANO, Texas — Microtune®, Inc. (Nasdaq:TUNE), today announced that it has taken its second round of orders for its mobile TV tuners from LG Electronics, Inc. (LG) and is shipping product. LG will be deploying the Mobile MicroTuner™ MT2260, Microtune’s multi-band tuner, in a second-generation mobile TV phone that is targeted for a European DVB-H-based mobile TV commercial rollout.

In addition to this design-win activity, Microtune mobile TV technology is being integrated into the system-in-package (SIP) prototypes of several leading demodulator companies. Microtune’s hybrid DVB-T/DVB-H mobile TV tuner, embedded into the USB tuner sticks of multiple manufacturers, is already on retail shelves in Europe.

“We are pleased with the early acceptance of our mobile TV technology as demonstrated both by the second round of orders from LG and by business from manufacturers of portable TV products,” said James A. Fontaine, Microtune’s President and CEO. “We believe that our real-world experience with broadband digital TV, our support for multiple standards and operating modes, and our consistent commitment to very high-performance products give us a competitive advantage. Our strategy of making our advanced mobile TV technology available to customers as chips or wafer-level chip-scale packages is helping leverage our tuners into future-generation mobile products.”

Mobile MicroTuner Technology

Microtune’s Mobile MicroTuner family consists of high-performance, ultra low-power tuners that, when integrated into handheld TV devices, permits users to watch multi-channel broadcast TV with full-motion digital pictures and near CD-quality sound. The chips, which are in high-volume production today, can be integrated into mobile phones, smart phones, PCs or laptops, PDAs, personal media players or other handheld devices.

Microtune’s family consists of the Mobile MicroTuner MT2260, the industry’s first single-chip tuner that enabled mobile devices to operate across the networks allocated for mobile broadcast TV services in both Europe and in the U.S.; the MT2262, the industry’s first dedicated L-Band tuner; and the MT2266, the industry’s first tuner offering support for the DVB-T and DVB-H standards across both the UHF and VHF (Band III) frequency bands.

Designed with a patent-pending architecture and ClearTune™ filtering technology, the Mobile MicroTuner family features very high integration and it does not require bulky and costly external components, such as low noise amplifiers and transformer baluns. By exceeding the Mobile and Portable DVB-T/H Radio Access Interface Specification (MBRAI), the tuners are engineered to deliver superior performance that ensure conformance to the DVB-H standard.