Delphi and DiBcom collaborate to develop automotive ISDB-T receiver

Monday, January 8th, 2007 
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New DIB8000 demodulator chip a critical element of Delphi’s mobile receiver platform for Japan; initiative key to global expansion of mobile broadcast TV

LAS VEGAS — Delphi, a global leader in automotive entertainment and communications electronics, and DiBcom, a fabless semiconductor company that designs high-performance chipsets for automotive TV receiver applications, announced today they are working on a joint development program based on a derivative of DiBcom’s highly successful DIB7000-M COFDM demodulator chipset family. When development is complete, Delphi intends to use the new DIB8000 COFDM demodulator chip for ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting) application to support OEM vehicle programs in Japan.

The DIB8000 is based on DiBcom´s high performance DIB7000-M baseband demodulator that was chosen for Delphi’s mobile TV receiver platform. The DIB8000 design provides the same pin assignment and mechanical footprint to enable a simplified extension of the Delphi’s mobile TV receiver platform to meet the needs of the Japanese market.

“The global market for digital in-vehicle TV reception is expanding rapidly, and we are particularly excited about the prospects for growth in Japan,” said Andreas Hunscher, director, Delphi Reception Systems. “Japanese consumers demand innovation in automotive electronics, and we believe they will be excited by the opportunity to receive broadcast television programming in their vehicles. Delphi is well-positioned to extend our leadership in mobile TV to this dynamic market, and our relationship with DiBcom is a critical component of our strategy.”

“By extending DiBcom’s portfolio of high-performance mobile DTV chipsets to include a solution for ISDB-T, we reach another milestone in support of our claim to truly be the heart of mobile TV globally,” said Yannick Levy, CEO DiBcom.

Digital TV in cars — an advantage for consumers, a differentiator for OEMs Mobile access to high-quality broadcast programming is enabled by digital terrestrial television, which offers superior in-vehicle reception compared to analogue systems. Delphi’s digital tuner technology offers crystal-clear TV reception up to a maximum travelling speed of 200 km per hour.

Hunscher noted that the time is right for digital in-vehicle TV. “Globally, vehicles feature an increasing number of video display screens, which are used to support navigation systems and DVD-based entertainment. Broadcast television is a great way to expand the value of these screens and make the time people spend on the road more entertaining than ever,” he said.

Modularity: The key to cost-optimized in-car reception

Hunscher stressed the importance of reusability and modular designs in enhancing the value of automotive electronics. “At Delphi, our goal is to leverage proven building blocks in our new product designs,” he said.

The new DIB8000 chip set serves as a major mobile TV receiver building block used in DVB-T tuners. The new chip set will serve as the foundation for ISDB-T. By eliminating the need for significant system re-development, Delphi will be ready to enter new geographical markets with its extended platform in 2008.