Digital TV News: Azuri Technologies

Azuri offers solar-powered TV and DStv STB package in Kenya
Mar 24, 2021 – Azuri Technologies and MultiChoice have partnered to bring DStv content to off-grid households in Kenya. The deal bundles Azuri's TV400 32" solar powered TV and household energy solution, with a DStv HD decoder.
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Azuri announces 'always on' PAYG solar TV for Kenya
Nov 4, 2020 – Azuri Technologies has announced its latest generation of PayGo solar powered TV, the TV400. The product combines a solar power system with a 32" TV, allowing all day viewing as well as for at least 10 hours at night.
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AzuriTV offers solar powered PAYG satellite TV package in Kenya
Dec 5, 2016 – Azuri Technologies and Zuku have launched the first integrated PAYG satellite TV offering for rural off-grid consumers in sub Saharan Africa. AzuriTV combines solar home power, TV, satellite dish and Zuku Smart+ entertainment in one complete package.
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