NEOTION introduces Secure Processor for CI Plus TV Modules

Thursday, September 10th, 2009 
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AMSTERDAM — IBC 2009 — NKE-1 single chip truly is the most optimized ever combination of security, advanced CI Plus capabilities, and performances at a price point that is set to meet Operators’ and Consumer Electronics momentum in these challenging Digital Switchover times.

While Integrated Digital TV comprising HD extended capabilities together with native DVB frontends – being both Terrestrial, Cable and often also Satellite – are out-placing set-top boxes sales, CI Plus Modules are turning to become the de facto Pay TV enabler that bring in a seamless, intuitive and rather cheap manner, Premium Pay TV entertainment to Flat Panels.

Since people buy stylish Flat TV in millions, they tend to have set-top fatigue and subsequently hate cluttering living rooms with power voracious boxes and numerous remote controls. Hence, any all in one built-in solution squaring into flat panels is widely reckoned as a no brainer.

Increasing Demand for CI Plus Modules

Going further beyond, Operators and Consumer Electronics are naturally exploring possibilities to systematically bundle entertainment and TV sets sold in magnitude of tens of millions every year. NEOTION, which was the very first company in the whole world to accomplish such a deal with SONY and TPS during the Football Worldcup in 2006, is conscious that mass deployment equation implies revolutionizing the whole CI plus Module architecture to meet price point and security challenges foreseeable objectives.

After 2 years of in-house development, the NKE-1 was released and powered on a TV Module that got straight away certification approval from CI Plus Laboratories. While state-of-the-art Modules architecture usually implies 3 chips average, sometime even more depending on the memory footprint, NKE-1 is literally a Module on a Chip. It comprises, in a single SoC package, the complete Module functions and applications, as well as a secure dedicated second processor running security, including cardless new generation software Conditional Access & DRM, and even within the masks design, the all DRAM blocks. Doing so, it is a self running SoC platform that is thereafter simply packaged in a Module form factor to slot in a TV set.

NKE-1 is an ultra low power component that fulfills market trends towards green products in living rooms.

Operators’ deployments are due this coming Fall.