Cox Media Group TV Stations Launch Mobile DTV Services

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 
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GuideBuilder® PSIP Generator Serves as Cost-Effective Unified Metadata Platform for CMG Stations’ Terrestrial and Mobile DTV Services

PRINCETON, N.J. — Triveni Digital today announced that Cox Media Group (CMG) has adopted the GuideBuilder® Mobile metadata platform, taking its first five stations online as part of the company’s mobile DTV rollout plan. Operating as an extension to existing GuideBuilder systems at CMG stations, the GuideBuilder Mobile systems from Triveni Digital provide mission-critical operational capabilities by generating both accurate PSIP EPG and mobile ESG data in support of fixed and mobile DTV services from a single platform — and with a single, unified graphical user interface.

“The addition of GuideBuilder Mobile into our existing operations was straightforward, and because it operates on our existing GuideBuilder platform, we were able to launch our first mobile DTV services without significant investment in additional training or workflow changes,” said Sterling Davis, CMG’s vice president of technical operations.

The first CMG stations to launch mobile DTV services include CBS affiliate KIRO in Seattle; FOX affiliate KTVU in Oakland/San Francisco; and ABC affiliates WSB in Atlanta, WFTV in Orlando, Fla., and WSOC in Charlotte, N.C. The GuideBuilder Mobile system fits smoothly into these stations’ regular broadcast workflows while managing all necessary mobile and fixed ATSC metadata, thereby ensuring that the workflow is simplified, the full range of traffic and automation system interfaces are available, and on-air metadata are correct and consistent with on-air programming.

With metadata generation for mobile services tied closely to that of the broadcaster’s existing fixed service, it is possible for the facility to maintain accurate, up-to-date program information even when last-minute changes are made to the schedule. The Triveni Digital system’s mobile capabilities, in accordance with the new ATSC Mobile DTV standard (A/153), also include ESG (electronic service guide) functionality to ensure up-to-date scheduling and tuning, managed through the operator’s existing workflow components.

The GuideBuilder Mobile leverages years of broadcast industry integration efforts around the GuideBuilder platform, the most-deployed PSIP metadata generator in the industry. Triveni Digital’s GuideBuilder Mobile strategy enables a broadcaster to extend investments, rather than replicate them with an entirely new complex system integration effort and duplicated operational burden.

“By building on CMG stations’ existing equipment and workflows, GuideBuilder Mobile takes a good thing and makes it even better,” said Ralph Bachofen, vice president of sales and head of marketing at Triveni Digital. “Acting as part of a unified metadata management system, GuideBuilder Mobile offers broadcasters an easy path to mobile DTV delivery. As a result, viewers in five major DMAs now enjoy more flexible access to their favorite CMG programming via the convenience of mobile DTV service.”