Kabel Deutschland to create next generation video service with Cisco

Monday, January 5th, 2015 
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CES 2015: Kabel Deutschland Converges Broadcast, IP and OTT Video

  • Next generation video service converges search, recommendation and viewing in a personalised, multi-screen, cloud-powered platform
  • Cisco Systems selected as technology partner
  • Kabel Deutschland to unveil further details at IFA 2015
  • Video service to be market-ready in fiscal year 2016/17

UNTERFOEHRING, MUNICH and LAS VEGAS, NV — CES 2015 — Kabel Deutschland (KD), a Vodafone Company and, by supplying households in thirteen German federal states with TV and broadband services, Germany’s largest cable operator, announced today the partnership with Cisco to create its next generation video service. Uniquely, the next generation video service converges TV content, including broadcast, on-demand, catch-up, and time-shift TV with Internet video of all types, to create the industry’s first comprehensive video-hub for the home.

Subscribers can access all the video they consume through a single immersive user interface which works across all their TVs and personal devices, and is their unified portal to all the forms of video they consume. The next generation video service presents content choices personalised to the needs of each viewer and drawn both from TV and the Internet.

Kabel Deutschland’s next generation video service is based on a new cloud-powered TV platform which KD is developing together with Cisco. The platform moves control and functionality into the cloud, making it quick and easy for Kabel Deutschland to update features, and offer new services. In the home, the next generation video service will use connected devices from Cisco, again selected to offer the capacity, connectivity and features necessary to deliver on the open, integrated home-hub concept.

In September at the IFA 2015, the world’s leading trade show for Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances in Berlin, the Vodafone Company Kabel Deutschland will unveil further details of the future TV service that is expected to be market-ready in the course of the fiscal year 2016/17.