Osmosys Launches Extensive IPTV Solution for Network Operators

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008 

GENEVA, Switzerland — Osmosys S.A., a leader and innovator in the development of open standards Java-based interactive digital television solutions, today announced that it will launch its new end-to-end IPTV Solution at the IPTV World Forum at Olympia, London (March 12-14, 2008). The complete video services delivery platform for standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) enables the deployment of cost-effective and compelling IPTV and multimedia services over broadband networks.

The solution comprises a number of best-in-class products, using Osmosys’ acclaimed EGG™ 3D graphics technology, open standards middleware based on GEM technology, and a number of server modules, many of them designed to be revenue generating. The solution is controlled by a user friendly front-end system for easy administration. These all run on standard Linux servers.

“Our GEM-based IPTV Solution has been designed and built around an open standard that has stood the test of time, offering a robust and fault tolerant system. Furthermore, the solution provides content interoperability with thousands of standards-based Java and HTML applications, something that proprietary IPTV systems do not, and cannot, offer,” said Paul Bristow, CTO, Osmosys. “With Blu-ray having been declared the winner in the HD DVD battle, every studio is now producing applications in Java, the mandatory standard method for implementing interactive menus on Blu-ray discs. The interoperability of our solution makes it easier for Blu-ray disc content features to be made available on VOD platforms.”

Operator benefits of the IPTV Solution include:

Time to Market

  • Set of applications and services ready to go
  • Millions of devices already deployed in over 16 countries

User experience

  • Incredible EGG™ powered HD user interface
  • Response times do not vary by network size
  • PVR, VOD, and Push-VOD business models are supported
  • STB applications continue working even during server maintenance or upgrades

Infrastructure costs

  • Highly scalable: 50,000 users per server, broadcast services can be deployed to millions of devices
  • Applications can share existing broadband network, server, and caching infrastructure

Operating costs

  • Easy to integrate with existing BSS/OSS systems
  • Integrates with popular CA/DRM, VOD, and head-end systems
  • Simple and proven porting process for STBs insulating the operator from hardware changes
  • Thousands of applications available off-the-shelf

“Our proven client middleware offering comes in either a ‘pure’ IPTV flavour, or as a hybrid version, providing access to broadcast digital television services from terrestrial, cable or satellite networks. What’s more, by integrating our IPTV Solution with our EGG graphics engine, we are enabling network operators to roll out services that stand out from the visually flat, lifeless offerings that currently exist,” said David McElhatten, Managing Director, Osmosys. “Osmosys’ IPTV Solution goes beyond the expectations of the industry, taking the end-user beyond the dated, channel-based broadcast environment to provide a powerful platform for the delivery of advanced multimedia services, enabling a ‘what I want, when I want it’ world of IPTV.”