ITI Neovision's 'n' service experiencing rapid growth with Conax

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
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OSLO — Since its launch in October 2006, n has managed a substantial growth in the market, in competition with both satellite and cable services throughout Poland. The leading Warsaw based broadcaster is using Conax’ flexible security for their Push VOD solution. In just two and half years, “n” has attracted over 520,000 subscribers.

Providing flexible consumer experience has given good results

By using Conax security for the Push VOD solution, ITI is able to provide customers with multiple viewing options and a more flexible home cinema experience. Viewers can choose from a large variety of video products, at any given time. Products are replaced frequently and are partly available in HD quality.

Push VOD technology applies bandwidth in a highly efficient manner for moving content to the consumer. Spare capacity, for example during the night, can be used accordingly. The content is downloaded to the hard disk. Any additional space may be used by the consumer. As part of the service, the customer rents a PVR from n. An added value – the PVR may also be connected to the Internet for a wide range of information such as news, weather, customer self-care and remote PVR control as well as radio services.

“For the complete n offering, ITI Neovision chose PVRs (personal video recorders) supplied by Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB), Osmosys MHP middleware and applications. Conax CAS7 was selected to secure n content against illegal re-distribution and other forms of theft,” confirms Wojciech Białek, Director of Operations, ITI Neovision.

“The combination of HD, hard disk and Internet is a major step into the future,” says Geir Bjørndal, EVP Sales & Marketing, Conax. However, the winning combination demands the highest level of content protection to eliminate the broadcaster’s risk of illegal redistribution of content. The Conax technology protects n’s content during transmission and also on the hard disk.”

Using the Conax CAS7 Push VOD extension, ITI can provide content on a rental basis for a configurable period of time, for subscriptions or pay-per-rental.

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