PrimeTel announces IPTV error correction module for its Twister Triple-Play Platform

Friday, September 11th, 2009

PrimeTel’s R&D division has announced early availability of IPTV Error Correction module for its Twister triple-play platform. The module provides capability to dynamically and transparently correct missing and erroneous multicast IPTV packets, which dramatically improves user experience on error-prone networks such as ADSL and wireless. As a result, telecom operators can substantially reduce the amount of fault troubleshooting on the outside plant and achieve considerable decrease of operating expenses. Moreover, error correction capability allows for service to be provided on links which were previously considered as unsuitable for IPTV.

The IPTV Error Correction module is currently being tested on PrimeTel’s triple-play network in Cyprus with over 22000 customers. Hermes Stephanou, Chief Executive Officer of PrimeTel said: “In these challenging times it is of extreme importance to streamline operations and decrease OPEX. Error correction capability allows us to provide better user experience, reduce churn and at the same time reduce costs on fault visits and troubleshooting”.

Twister is a highly customizable and upgradeable platform for any telecommunications operator seeking for a fully integrated open architecture solution. It can support an integrated multi-play network for all media, services and devices.

At the IBC 2009 exhibition, PrimeTel will present PrimeTV, a state-of-the-art IPTV middleware, included in Twister v3.0. With interface in multiple languages and TV/VOD/PVR support, it provides a solid, reliable and commercially deployed IPTV solution. Apart from these core features, PrimeTV offers advanced functionality such as interactive advertising, caller ID on screen, music video jukebox, photo gallery, social networking, games, internet videos, chat and RSS.

Visit us at our IBC2009 Exhibition Stand: IP601-602.