DVB at IBC 2009

Friday, September 11th, 2009
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Live DVB-T2 HD Transmission & Interoperability Demos

AMSTERDAM — RAI, IBC Stand No. 1.D81 — DVB-T2, the second generation Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) transmission system, takes pride of place on this year’s DVB Project stand. Visitors can see four live HD services of H.264 encoded content delivered over an end-to-end DTT system using DVB-T2 technology.

The DVB stand is host to a number of other milestone technology demonstrations including an interoperability demonstration of a wide range of DVB-T2 ready equipment and technologies that includes signal generators, transmitters, modulators/demodulators, measurement equipment, and set-top boxes from a growing number of companies.
Also on show is a local transmission utilising the DVB-SH (Satellite services to Handhelds) standard. DVB-SH delivers video, audio and data services to small handheld devices such as mobile telephones, PDAs and other small screen portable receivers. The key feature of DVB-SH is that it is a hybrid satellite/terrestrial system that allows the use of a satellite to achieve coverage of large regions or even a whole country. The DVB-SH demo is supported by Alcatel-Lucent and Sagem Wireless.

Other DVB technologies highlighted include DVB-C2, the second generation cable transmission system, designed to provide the maximum benefit of statistical multiplexing for HDTV and for enhancing the quality of high speed Internet access services. By using state of the art coding and modulation techniques, it offers greater than 30% higher spectrum efficiency under the same conditions as today’s DVB-C deployments.

DVB representatives and technology experts are on hand to answer queries and provide information on the implementation of the world’s most successful set of technical standards for DTV. DVB’s open, interoperable standards form the basis of services on every continent with an excess of half a billion receivers now deployed.
The official IBC conference programme contains sessions that feature DVB technologies and open standards. Consult the IBC conference programme for details and times.