Residential Gateways Outperform Cable, DSL and Broadband Routers

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
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Residential Gateways showed stronger growth in 4Q09 than other areas of the broadband CPE market, reports In-Stat, accounting for nearly 37% of the market. Revenues were $567 million and unit shipments were 9.05 million, an increase of 14% and 15% respectively over the previous quarter, but a decrease from previous year. Thomson led in both unit and revenue market shares followed by 2Wire. Together they accounted for over 41% of the residential gateway market.

In 4Q09, the worldwide revenue for the broadband CPE market was $1.54 billion, an 8.7% increase from the previous quarter but a 14.7% decrease from the same quarter last year.

Despite the overall market decline from 2008 to 2009, the CPE market is still showing incremental growth quarter-to-quarter. Cable and DSL modems showed minor growth this quarter, while broadband routers demonstrated consistent growth year-over-year.

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • Motorola continued to lead in cable modem unit market share, followed by Cisco Systems.
  • DSL unit shipments were 6.5 million, a 6.9% increase over previous quarter and a 36% decrease from the same quarter last year.
  • D-Link and Netgear led broadband router unit and revenue market shares.

In-Stat’s report, 4Q09 Broadband CPE Tracker (#IN1004643BM), examines the worldwide broadband CPE market for 4Q09. Market shares for broadband CPE vendors are provided, based both on unit shipments and manufacturers’ revenue for the quarter. The broadband CPE market measurable components include:

  • Cable Modems and embedded multimedia terminal adapters (E-MTAs)
  • DSL Modems
  • Broadband Routers
  • Residential Gateways

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