BitTorrent's Delivery Network Accelerator (DNA) Service Improves the Online Experience for Streaming Video, Downloadable Software and Video Games

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 
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Internet TV platform leader Brightcove announces support for new BitTorrent content delivery service

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — BitTorrent, Inc., home to the global standard for delivering high-quality Internet media, today announced the general availability of the BitTorrent Delivery Network Accelerator (DNA) service. BitTorrent DNA is a peer-accelerated content delivery service that provides consumers faster, more reliable, more efficient access to rich content through downloads or streams. Brightcove, an Internet TV platform leader, will be the first to integrate BitTorrent DNA to accelerate the delivery of instant-on, broadcast-quality streaming video to their customers.

The new BitTorrent DNA content delivery service is targeted at the needs of commercial content publishers including media companies, software firms and video game publishers. Content publishers recognize that the heavily centralized Internet infrastructure currently in place adversely affects the consumer experience and business model for content distribution. Through years of networking innovation and refinement, BitTorrent DNA is designed to be the ideal solution for publishers seeking ways to overcome the obstacles associated with centralized content delivery, such as slow downloads, choppy video streams, and inefficient use of network infrastructure. BitTorrent DNA provides fast downloads for large files like feature-length movies, games, software programs, and makes it possible to easily stream broadcast-quality video.

“The Internet has become an essential source of entertainment for everything from music, games to TV shows, and even high-definition movies. Given the rapidly growing BitTorrent network, we already have the broadcast infrastructure in place that effectively multiplies the scale of the existing Internet to handle the next wave of content distribution,” said Ashwin Navin, president and co-founder of BitTorrent, Inc. “Implementing BitTorrent DNA on top of legacy infrastructure has the profound impact of allowing our customers to deliver a better user experience, higher quality video, faster software downloads, all with the security and reliability of a managed service.”

“Internet TV started with short videos on websites, but the next step is to move seamlessly from contextual video into full-screen, full-length programming,” said Jeremy Allaire, Brightcove chairman and chief executive officer. “BitTorrent DNA addresses fundamental technology challenges associated with high-quality media delivery online, and by integrating it into a new offering in our Internet TV service, we can give our content publishers the option to easily deliver full-screen, broadcast-quality streaming video to their viewers.”

BitTorrent DNA works seamlessly with pre-existing web infrastructure, which makes it easy to implement. It can leverage traditional content delivery networks (CDNs), origin servers or data center solutions, at the same time enabling content publishers to shift as much as 80 percent of content delivery to a secure, managed peer network. This peer network acceleration dramatically improves the speed and reliability of content delivery, while also greatly reducing bandwidth usage and costs. By employing this hybrid approach of combining peer-to-peer (P2P) technology and traditional content delivery, a content publisher can deliver rich, high-quality content, as well as successfully implement new business models such as ad-supported video and try-before-you-buy online games–all without compromising user experience, reliability and performance.

“From the beginning BitTorrent has been a revolutionary technology that, unlike most transport mechanisms, actually improves as the number of people who use it increases,” said Rob Enderle Principal analyst for the Enderle Group. “This may simply be one of the few examples of the right technology at exactly the right time as users increasingly are demanding larger media rich files at increasing speeds while providers are looking to reduce their overhead and the cost of their services. BitTorrent is one of the few technologies that effectively meets both of these needs.”

About BitTorrent DNA

BitTorrent DNA is a peer-accelerated content delivery service that enables faster and more reliable downloads from websites, providing users access to richer and higher quality content, and ensuring a superior user experience for streaming video and many other applications.

BitTorrent DNA is specifically designed to be lightweight, unobtrusive and network friendly. BitTorrent DNA:

  • shifts the delivery of the content to a managed peer network, resulting in faster, more reliable content delivery, with disruptively lower content delivery costs;
  • seamlessly overlays any existing host and origin infrastructure, requiring no additional hardware or changes to content management systems;
  • scales organically with demand, providing a consistently high-quality user experience even when demand spikes unexpectedly;
  • provides reporting tools and client telemetry to give visibility across all deployed content delivery solutions, including third-party content delivery networks (CDNs);
  • is designed and managed as a secure, private delivery network for a publisher’s content, providing superior control, performance and Quality of Service (QoS).

BitTorrent DNA is available today. Pricing is flexible whereby customers only pay for gigabytes of data delivered by the managed peer network.