ANTIK announces IP STB with integrated DVB+ISDB-T multi-tuner

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
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ANTIK Technology unveils details about new Juice MultiHybrid set-top box with multi tuner for DVB + ISDB-T support to deliver TV broadcast and provide Over-The-Top services. Box presents unique solution for the South American IPTV market with extremely reasonable price

Slovak IPTV device manufacturer ANTIK Technology today announced a new member of the Juice line of IPTV set-top boxes Juice MultiHybrid with integrated multi tuner that allows receive DVB-T/DVB-C plus ISDB-T signal and delivers OTT content over the public internet. Unique device is based on STMicroelectronics 7162/7167 chipset with HLS support. ANTIK´s box presents cost effective solution that helps providers to deliver the highest performing broadcast, IP video and interactive services with the optimal combination of broadcasting over cable, internet and terrestrial. Juice MultiHybrid will be distributed on the Latin American IPTV market by Argentine company Axor Corporation.

Juice MultiHybrid is a high-end hybrid DVB-T/DVB-C/ISDB-T set-top box with integrated chipset STMicroelectronics 7162/7167 SoC and 800+DMIPS ultra fast compact processor for FullHD that allows to decode video in industry-standard formats, including H.264, MPEG1/2, AVC up to the high-definition resolution 1080p 50/60. ANTIK´s STB is multiscreen device that creates in living room mediacenter also with DLNA support and BitTorrent client. It brings interactive TV support as Multicast TV, Electronic Program Guide, VoD, PVR and Mosaic. MultiHybrid has a hard-disk interface for PVR capability and Ethernet and USB connections, HDMI transmitter, allowing users to connect equipment such as DVR storage, external Flash or hard-disk drives.

“Providers invested in past to the DVB networks but they don´t allow to deliver OTT services. Our MulitHybrid box is the best solution for telco companies – it protects inveSTMicroelectronicsent to DVB networks and brings them value added from OTT services delivering. Another advantage is ISDBT standard support. Latin American IPTV market is considered for long-term growth opportunity. Our high-end Juice MultiHybrid is suitable solution for our customers in the South American region to achieve optimal cost/performance proportion,” said Igor Kolla, ANTIK Technology´s CEO. “Thanks to its hybrid DVB-T/DVB-C + ISDB-T multituner we believe it will be a good answer for the current Latin American IPTV market demand for OTT content and brings highly competitive digital video experience for the viewers.”

ISDB-T (Brazilian Digital Television System) is the government-mandated technical standard for digital television broadcast used in South America countries, exactly in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Philippines, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Uruguay.