Antik and BitTorrent Announce First BitTorrent Certified Set-Top Box

Monday, January 9th, 2012
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Antik Technology, provider of IPTV solutions, launches the first BitTorrent certified set-top box, which allows people to find, play and move large personal files to and from any screen

LAS VEGAS — 2012 International CES — Antik Technology, a Slovakia-based manufacturer of IPTV devices, and BitTorrent, a leader in peer-based computing and inventor of the BitTorrent protocol, announced the first certified set-top box to be compatible with the BitTorrent ecosystem of technology protocols, consumer software and consumer electronics solutions. Antik´s Juice product line is able to download, share and play torrent files directly on a TV. A prototype will be featured at the annual CES show starting tomorrow in a private suite at the Las Vegas Hilton.

“Thanks to our partnership with BitTorrent, we launched the world’s first set-top box with BitTorrent technology baked in as a solution for customers who want to record hi-def memories with their smart-phones, digital SLRs and HD camcorders. Retailers and operators are both seeing advantages to BitTorrent integration and certification,” said Igor Kolla, Antik Technology CEO. “The BitTorrent Certified Juice set-top box will help consumers find, play and share all types of media files. People will have access to a unique ecosystem that guarantees they can play any content.”

Certified devices are available for worldwide sale into retail and operator markets. Antik´s set-top box allows consumers to seamlessly play content, leveraging the power of the BitTorrent protocol; a peer-to-peer protocol used for distributing large amounts of data over the Internet as video, audio and PC programs. The BitTorrent ecosystem is an integrated solution of peer-based technology protocols, consumer software, and consumer electronics devices, all orchestrated to help over 150 million users play, move and share their personal media.

“Personal media files are becoming bigger and bigger because the resolution of the recording devices has improved dramatically,” said Shahi Ghanem, chief strategy officer at BitTorrent. “Peer-based computing is the fastest way to send these huge files over the Internet. Antik set-top boxes are an ideal solution for people who want to access their huge personal media libraries and play their high-quality content on any screen at any time. We’re pleased to be partnering with Antik and look forward to a long and beneficial partnership.”

BitTorrent Certification enables consumer electronics manufacturers to leverage the speed of the BitTorrent protocol and key downloading, transcoding, sharing and media-shifting features. The result is that their devices will seamlessly play BitTorrent content using a simple 10 foot user interface controlled by 4 or 7 button remotes for TVs, BD/DVD players, set-top boxes, network-addressable storage media adapters and more.

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