SmarDTV Launches SmarCAM-3 Italia HD Conditional Access Module For Italy HD Services

Friday, September 10th, 2010
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  • SmarCAM-3 Italia HD enables premium high definition pay-per-view TV services to be viewed without a set-top box
  • SmarCAM-3 Italia HD uses CI Plus technology to add security and features to the proven DVB Common Interface standard already deployed massively in Italy
  • The combination of a digital-ready TV set with SmarCAM-3 Italia HD has a significantly lower power consumption than a TV set with a set-top box and enables the reception of HD services
  • The product is already available for sale via TV manufacturers that have been certified with either Silver or Gold labels by DGTVi

CHESEAUX, Switzerland — SmarDTV, a Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S) company, today announced the availability of a new HD Conditional Access Module (CAM) for Italy. SmarCAM-3 Italia HD offers TV viewers who have subscribed to services such as Mediaset Premium, Dahlia TV, and Pangea the ability to watch their high definition programs directly on their HD digital-ready TV sets without the use of an external set-top box.

SmarCAM-3 Italia HD supports two smart cards simultaneously – one of standard size and one of SIM size. The end-user can view content from multiple services as conveniently as changing channels, without having to exchange smart cards or CAMs.

The combination of a digital-ready TV set with SmarCAM-3 Italia has a significantly lower power consumption than a TV set with a set-top box. Furthermore, the SmarCAM-3 Italia HD slides into the TV with a perfect fit, offering consumers added comfort as neither additional cable wires nor remote control are needed.

Over the past two years SmarDTV has worked closely with major TV set manufacturers, Italian broadcasters Mediaset, Dahlia TV, and Pangea as well as the DGTVi committee representing all TV broadcasters in Italy to specify, implement and test the new CI Plus specifications in Italy in order to add extra security and features to the successful and very popular DVB Common Interface standard. The result of these efforts is not only the SmarCAM-3 Italia HD product, but also a set of implementation guidelines, an interoperability partner program, and a broadcaster certification process – the sum of which offers TV manufacturers a fair way to sell HD pay-TV capable products in Italy, and which offers end-users the assurance that their new purchases are easy to use and work without problems.

“We have been very successful in enabling analog switch-off and conversion to digital services using CAMs and integrated digital TVs and we are now delighted to extend this same model to cover the reception of high definition signals with the latest CAM technology, CI Plus,” said Alberto Sigismondi of DGTVi. “The launch of certified HD CAMs with DGTVi certified Gold and Silver label TV sets in Italy offers Italian subscribers the easiest way to receive high definition Pay TV services.”
Eric Chaubert, CEO of SmarDTV, commented “We are delighted with the success of our CAM products in Italy to date and we believe that the extension to HD services is the logical next step. The successful eco-system of Italian operators, the DGTVi labelling system and iDTV manufacturers have been instrumental in making this possible and we are confident that success will continue with HD services being introduced with SmarCAM-3 Italia HD now.”

SmarCAM-3 Italia HD is available immediately, offered to consumers as a “bundle” with digital-ready TV sets from all major manufacturers that have been certified by DGTVi.

For further information on SmarCAM-3 Italia HD, visit us at IBC 2010, Hall #1, Stand 1.C81