Irdeto Enables Access to Premium Streaming Content on the Boxee Box by D-Link

Friday, January 7th, 2011
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Irdeto’s Cloakware Technology Secures Content from Premium VOD Providers

CARLSBAD, Calif. & OTTAWA — 2011 International CES — Irdeto (JSE: NPN), a global software security and media technology company, today announced its patented Cloakware technology has been chosen by D-Link (Taipei:2332) to protect premium streaming content on the Boxee Box by D-Link, the first branded set-top box for Boxee’s award-winning media platform. Irdeto’s advanced security software will be especially critical in porting and protecting access to streaming VOD content. With Irdeto’s technology in place, Boxee will deliver premium content services and the rich user experience that consumers have come to expect since the software publicly launched in early 2008.

Boxee’s media platform streams video content from all over the web and aggregates it into an intuitive, TV-friendly interface. By incorporating Boxee’s software into a unique form factor that’s powered by D-Link’s networking and hardware expertise, the Boxee Box by D-Link allows users to access a wide variety of premium content on existing HD television sets via a simple High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connection. Irdeto’s Cloakware technology is seamlessly integrated into the box during production, enabling effective content security measures that remain invisible and unobtrusive to the end user.

“When it comes to protecting premium content on sophisticated, Internet-enabled devices, it’s clear that standard DRM technology just isn’t enough,” said Bradley Joe, senior director of business development at D-Link. “We worked closely with Boxee and Irdeto to create an environment where content partners felt comfortable delivering their video to our users. With support for pay-per-view, subscription and ad-supported content built directly into the interface, the Boxee Box by D-Link provides content companies with a bold new distribution network for a younger generation in an interface that our users love.”

According to a recent report from IMS Research on the growth of connected entertainment devices, Over-the-Top (OTT) services have spiked in popularity in the last year and will continue to expand given the connectivity of home entertainment and portable devices. With the D-Link partnership, Irdeto further establishes its position as the top security partner for the home networking and OTT market. Irdeto’s software security technology locks down critical digital assets from potential tampering, protecting revenue streams and ensuring content owners can confidently license their highly-valuable premium content on connected devices.

“Irdeto has rapidly risen to the forefront of today’s leading premium content initiatives, and we are happy to be working with D-Link and Boxee to help consumers access and enjoy a wide range of premium content,” said David Canellos, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Irdeto. “D-Link and Boxee chose Irdeto to unlock valuable content from premium providers that require a tightly controlled environment. Without effective security measures, connected devices like the Boxee Box would not be able to offer the wide range of content consumers demand.”