OMVC Selects Neustar to Provide Secure and Reliable Infrastructure for Mobile Digital TV

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Proven Digital Media Ecosystem Developer to Expedite Delivery of Mobile DTV Content

WASHINGTON — The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) announced today it has selected Neustar, Inc., to provide the Mobile DTV Trust Authority with the infrastructure necessary to deliver live, digital broadcast TV content to various mobile video-enabled devices such as mobile phones and portable media players. Neustar’s technology enables seamless connectivity across different networks, technologies and applications, and it possesses unique experience developing digital media ecosystems. Neustar has developed and maintains the UltraViolet™ digital rights locker for the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) consortium. For the OMVC, Neustar will provide the expertise, experience and technology necessary to allow mobile devices and DTV service providers to connect seamlessly and securely – with new secure deployments that will begin later this year.

“With Neustar, we have a steady hand at the controls of what we believe will be a thriving digital mobile industry that will bring broadcast television content to millions of American consumers,” said OMVC President Vince Sadusky, who is also president and CEO of LIN Media.

As the MDTV Trust Authority, Neustar will provide a robust technology infrastructure, which not only issues and manages a hierarchy of digital certificates, but provides secure, efficient and easy-to-use on-line systems to manage the full lifecycle of Mobile DTV trust relationships from registration to ordering, delivery, authentication, status checking and revocation.

“As Neustar has demonstrated in its position as a best-in-breed neutral and trusted provider of technology infrastructure and thought leadership for the latest digital technologies, it is more than able to tackle the challenges of Mobile DTV,” said Lisa Hook, President and CEO of Neustar. “We are excited by the opportunities to help deliver this innovative new service to consumers everywhere.”

“Mobile DTV is gaining momentum as more and more broadcasters prepare to introduce or improve services, as manufacturers continue to innovate with exciting consumer devices and as the American public becomes aware of the programming choices available through mobile digital television,” Sadusky added. “It is now time to create a Mobile DTV Trust Authority that will inspire confidence among industry participants and the general public. Neustar meets that requirement.”

The utilizing of a trust authority was anticipated with the development of the U.S. Mobile DTV broadcast standard, and dozens of stations throughout the country have already put signals on-the-air with the ATSC A153 standard that controls Mobile DTV services. In a recent report, In-Stat estimated the number of ATSC Mobile DTV tuner shipments would reach 30 million through 2014 with substantial growth expected in the U.S. Mobile DTV market.

“Neustar is delighted to have been selected through this competitive process to be the technology provider to the OMVC, and we look forward to working with the OMVC in the same innovative and partnering spirit with which we’re building the UltraViolet digital rights locker and ecosystem with the DECE Consortium,” said Timothy Dodd, Vice President and General Manager, Neustar Media.