ANTIK Technology prepares 3D HD set-top box

Thursday, March 17th, 2011
Antik logo

Central European IPTV hardware producer ANTIK Technology unveils details about one of the first hybrid 3D set-top boxes for IPTV in the world. The device uses the most advanced SoC from STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) and its PCB design’s prototype will be presented at IPTV World Forum 2011 in London

Slovak IPTV device manufacturer Antik Technology prepares a new member of the Juice line of IPTV set-top boxes – the latest high-end hybrid DVB/IP set-top box based on the STi7108 System-on-Chip with integrated high-performance host processor, dedicated 3D graphics, a hard-disk interface for PVR capability and Ethernet and USB connections, allowing users to connect equipment such as DVR storage, external Flash or hard-disk drives.

ANTIK Technology’s Juice 3D Extreme is a high-end hybrid DVB/IP set-top box using the capabilities of the new SoC. The STi7108 provides the STB with high processing power, smooth web experience, and gaming. 3D capabilities such as 3D TV experience, 3D Electronic Programme Guide user interface with 3D video content. The integrated SoC works with high energy efficiency due to the low power configurable architecture. STi7108 is using ARM Mali-400 graphics processor compatible with Khronos Open GL ES 2.0 to provide excellent 3D visual experience and for fast execution of Java-based STB middleware engines as well as Javascript and Flash Player components for on-line VOD and other content delivered via the internet.

The integrated STi7108 is able to decode video in industry-standard formats, including H.264, MVC, MPEG2, VC-1 or WMV9 Internet video, as well as MPEG4, up to high-definition resolution 1080p 50/60 simultaneously with 1080i/720p picture-in-picture or mosaic formats. The device provides inputs for up to six transport streams, and provides full-resolution HD 3DTV over HDMI 1.4 with HDCP copy protection.

“We have decided to use this chip to offer richer viewing experience for end users and increased flexibility for TV service providers,” said Igor Kolla, ANTIK Technology’s CEO. “We believe that the new addition into Juice line of set-top boxes will be a good answer for the current demand for 3D hardware.” Juice 3D Extreme is one of the first set-top boxes using the world’s most advanced high-definition set-top-box chip to date. The prototype of the finished PCB design will be showcased at the IPTV World Forum 2011 in London.