SeaChange OCAP™ RI-Based Software Selected for Panasonic tru2way® Set-Top Box

Monday, June 13th, 2011
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Companies to Demonstrate SeaChange VividLogic OCAP Reference Implementation on Panasonic Set-Top at The Cable Show

ACTON, Mass. & SECAUCUS, N.J. — NCTA The Cable Show 2011: Booth 1753 — Panasonic Solutions Company has selected SeaChange International’s (NASDAQ: SEAC) VividLogic tru2way® software stack for its tru2way set-top box for the North American cable market. The Companies will demonstrate the fully integrated Open Cable™ Application Platform (OCAP™) Reference Implementation solution in SeaChange’s booth (1753) at The Cable Show in Chicago, June 14-16.

This standards-based integration places SeaChange VividLogic OCAP RI in Panasonic set-top boxes, featuring dual tuner, DVR and MoCA support, enabling North American cable operators to leverage tru2way for advanced subscriber services and interactive applications. The VividLogic OCAP RI is a commercialized version of CableLabs®’ OCAP Reference Implementation (OCAP-RI) which is publicly available as an open source software project.

“Tru2way represents a solid proposition for consumer products openness in cable and Panasonic is very pleased to show a complete solution to cable operators at The Cable Show as we prepare to go to market with the SeaChange software,” said David Nicholas, Vice President, Cable Products Group, Panasonic Solutions Company. “SeaChange has maintained a highly productive long-term strategy of tru2way enablement, so Panasonic fully anticipates this partnership will expedite our ability to bring a new range of options to cable operators.”

“The CE community can help cable television operators realize the tremendous value of tru2way with new set-top options that immediately advance the subscriber experience on a wide scale with greater interactivity and openness,” said Shiva Patibanda, General Manager, In-Home Products, SeaChange. “Our partnership with Panasonic to deliver its tru2way products will ensure volume for the marketplace with our industry’s first certified and market-tested software stack.”

SeaChange International provides VividLogic software to cable television operators, set-top box and chip manufacturers and other consumer electronics suppliers. In 2010, SeaChange delivered the first commercially available tru2way software solution – fully integrated with an optimized version of the OCAP Reference Implementation – to include all of the software components necessary for a tru2way set-top. In addition to tru2way software, SeaChange VividLogic products include a DLNA-based multi-tuner gateway, which provides video and supports whole-home DVR to CE devices (wired and wireless).