Netgem makes the tablet the new truly portable TV within the connected home

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011
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With its latest software suite, Netgem creates a multimedia ‘N Cloud’ within the home, simplifying user’s access to any content on any screen

NEUILLY-SUR-SEINE — Netgem (Paris: NTG FP 7537; ETGM), a leader in connected home technologies and solutions, today announced its new software solution, the ‘N Cloud’. This innovation enables operators to meet customers’ demand for a simple and consistent access to all content, including live TV and video on demand, from any connected device within the home. Monaco Telecom, Netgem’s partner in innovation, will be the first to deploy this new offer.

Watch video content on any screen in the home. Simply.

Taking into account tablets, PCs, smartphones and flat screen TVs, the average number of screen per household in France is now close to 6 (according to research by Médiamétrie – GfK in 2010). The growth in the number of connected screens in homes yields greater content consumption, but higher consumer frustration due to the usage complexity and lack of consistency across devices. Netgem solves these issues and meets expectations for a secure, cost-effective and well performing multi-screen solution by using its ‘N Cloud’.

The ‘N Cloud’ is a software suite bringing the ‘N Cloud’ into the home by transforming the Set-top box into a multimedia server and connected devices into clients. This hybrid solution leverages the power or the ‘N Cloud’ while giving the end-user full control over his or her content through local storage and management

Christophe Aulnette, Chief Executive Officer of Netgem, said: “We chose to use a hybrid system because we firmly believe that, consumers will become more and more cautious about sharing their personal data and guaranteeing privacy is a value-added service that operators can sell in to their customers. Our solution means devices such as TV, tablets, smartphones, etc. do not need the Internet to access stored content, since this is kept within the home. Our architecture ensures the consumer can maintain full control over what he or she wishes to store online.”

Transforming the tablet into a wireless TV

The first implementation of the ‘N Cloud’ is an application for the iPad, which allows users to receive all linear TV channels alongside access to their personal content.

“We started with the iPad as our first deployment of the ‘N Cloud’ to demonstrate the power of the solution and because we are convinced that tablets will become the new connected and mobile televisions within the home. Rather than having to download an application per channel, the user’s aspiration is to navigate on the iPad, by “flipping over” channel to channel!” continued Christophe Aulnette.

From connected TV to connected home – a real opportunity for operators

The ‘N Cloud’ architecture does not require to deploy an overlay system, it provides economically an enhanced reliability and performance by leveraging existing feeds and devices. This gives operators opportunities to differentiate and claim their market leadership in a highly competitive sector, by simplifying content consumption across devices.

Committed to on-going innovation for its customers, Monaco télécom will be the first to launch the ‘N Cloud’ solution on its network. As standard for all of Netgem operator partners, the service will be launched through a simple software update, so there is no need for any equipment or infrastructure upgrades.