Android IPTV from NetUP is released

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

NetUP has developed an Android-based IPTV solution, which is the new generation of IPTV Middleware. The solution gives users a new level of functionality and performance.

The solution will be demonstrated in September at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam, stand # 13.383.

The Android-based IPTV solution has numerous advantages:

  • Very fast GUI with animations and effects.
  • Access to all Android features: Web browsing, social networking, gaming, thousands of applications, such as YouTube, Skype, Google Maps and others.
  • Android is multitasking operating system. It is able to run several applications and switch between them.
  • High hardware performance of IP set-top boxes.
  • Cost effective IP set-top boxes.

The video demonstration of application working on Android-based set-top box: