S2M and Space Systems/Loral Sign Innovative Mobile TV Satellite Contract

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
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Consumers Can Watch and Listen to High-Quality Video and Audio via a Personal Mobile Device

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — S2M, a provider of media-rich, mobile entertainment to the Middle East and North Africa, announced today the formal contract with Space Systems/Loral (SS/L), the world leader in high power S-band satellites for mobile video and audio applications, for the S2M-1 satellite – the first mobile TV satellite covering the Middle East and North Africa. In deploying a state-of-the-art hybrid satellite and terrestrial digital broadcasting platform, S2M will offer a unique mobile TV service that will allow consumers to watch and listen to high-quality video and audio broadcasts via mobile phones and other personal mobile devices throughout the region.

“This contract is one of the many steps in defining S2M as the leading provider of media-rich, mobile entertainment to customers in the Middle East and North Africa,” said Mario Hoek, Director of Marketing of S2M. “Hybrid satellite and terrestrial platforms have been commercially and technically proven for the delivery of mobile TV in Korea and Japan since 2005, and similar deployments are underway in China, Europe and North America. We are committed to bringing the advantages of this innovative solution to countries, mobile operators, content providers and consumers in the Middle East and North African markets.”

S2M’s platform includes an S-band geostationary satellite operating in conjunction with a terrestrial repeater network. Such a platform provides for ubiquitous coverage while offering the ability to share costs between many countries. The high power satellite will ensure cost-effective pan-MENA coverage while the network of terrestrial repeaters will provide urban and indoor coverage. Mobile TV service will be available to consumers throughout rural and urban areas in the Middle East and North Africa, outdoors, indoors, in-car and while roaming in the region. Consumers will have a wide range of programming options and excellent image quality, regardless of the number of simultaneous viewers. Other public service applications include education, public warning, disaster mitigation and relief systems.

S2M’s satellite will be based on SS/L’s flight-proven 1300 platform. It is designed with a maximum launch mass of nearly six tons, a lifetime of more than 15 years, and will deliver 20kW of power. It will be equipped with a large deployable S-band reflector 12 meters in diameter. As the world leader in high power S-band satellites for mobile video and audio applications, SS/L is uniquely positioned to manufacture the S2M-1 satellite.

S2M is collaborating with content providers and mobile operators to deliver high value interactive mobile multimedia services to end-users. The company is acquiring, aggregating and repurposing appropriate video and audio content via its media subsidiary S2M Media. In addition, S2M Media will produce and offer mobile specific content and interactive services as part of the overall services platform. S2M will launch its commercial service in 2008 initially using the terrestrial component of the platform until its satellite is launched.