3D technology to have major impact on camcorder market

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

GfK Retail and Technology – Germany, Consumer Electronics

The development of 3D technology for camcorders is a momentous innovation within the Consumer Electronics industry. In October 2011, retail sales data from Germany shows more than 10% of camcorders sold were equipped with 3D ready (with optical conversion lens) or twin lens functionality.

Pocket camcorders with less than 6X optical zoom are becoming a substantial part of the German CCR market, accounting for 31% of the total volume sales within the camcorder segment between January and October 2011. These products are now becoming durable – 13% of devices sold in October were waterproof, in July this figure was as much as 21%.

Additionally, a new type of stable compact “action camcorder” was launched this summer. More than 50% of the units were sold in price ranges above EUR 250 (Jan-October 2011).

The retail sales data for this Consumer Electronics industry news comes from GfK market research.