ViXS Systems and Lite-On Collaborate on µ-Play Streaming Media Gateway

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012
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With a built-in hardware transcoding engine, all media files are streamed from μ-Play to Smartphones and Tablets

TORONTO — ViXS Systems Inc., a leading provider of smart network multimedia processors, today announced that Lite-On IT (Lite-On), a global leader in digital storage solutions is utilizing the XCode® 4210 System on Chip (SoC) for its latest Streaming Media Gateway product, μ-Play. At the heart of the Lite-On μ-Play is the XCode 4210 which performs as a single SoC gateway IC and executes all the software stacks required to allow it to manage and distribute all media content.

By taking advantage of the powerful multi-format hardware HD transcoder integrated in the XCode 4210 SoC, μ-Play can seamlessly stream any video / music to any connected smartphone / tablet anywhere. In addition, μ-Play can handle multiple streaming without compromising the service quality; for example, it can stream a movie to a tablet remotely through a wireless wi-fi connection while other family members stream additional media content to a smartphone at home. With XCode 4210’s patented adaptive transcoding technology, all media files are also optimized based on the immediate bit-rate of network providing smooth viewing experience to the consumer even over a wireless network.

Some of the features found in the XCode 4210 and utilized in the Lite-On μ-Play:

  • Multi-Format Hardware HD Transcoder
  • Powerful Linux Application processor
  • Integrated 10/100/1G Ethernet MAC
  • Integrated USB Ports
  • Integrated SD Card slot
  • Power efficient design with no requirement for a heat-sink or fan

“The ViXS XCode 4210 SoC provides the power and flexibility to deliver a truly unique and innovative multimedia product”, said Darren Chen, senior business manager of Lite-On. “With the advanced technologies found in the ViXS multimedia processor, Lite-On was able to develop the μ-Play media gateway for consumers who want the freedom to enjoy their media collections on their smartphone and/or tablet anywhere and at anytime.”

“The Lite-On μ-Play media gateway will provide consumers with a cost effective alternative to cloud-based media storage and distribution, with the added benefit of full control of personal content”, said Sally Daub, President and CEO of ViXS. “Also by taking advantage of the unique multimedia processing technologies found in the XCode 4210 SoC Processor, Lite-On has been able to put together a highly-innovative, powerful and easy-to-use media gateway with excellent video quality of service for wireless media streaming.”

The Lite-On μ-Play product will be demonstrated at CES 2012 in the ViXS Systems booth: Las Vegas Convention Center in MP25958, South Hall 2.