HbbTV made easy with httv's HbbTV Starter Kit

Thursday, March 15th, 2012
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httv will show a preview of its “HbbTV Starter Kit”, a new HbbTV solution for application developers and editors at the IP&TV world forum 2012

PARIS — httv is a France and Singapore based iTV expert since 1998. httv’s solutions have been dedicated to STBs and connected TV manufacturers as well as operators and it is now broadening its target to editors& application developers. At this year’s IP&TV world forum edition in London, httv will release its new testing solution for HbbTV applications named “HbbTV Starter Kit”. This new product supplements the wide HbbTV company offer. A complete platform of the standard will be showcased during the event on booth n°25 in the National hall.

“HbbTV Starter Kit” is a Plug’n Play test tool for HbbTV applications. This self-contained platform is designed for application developers, editorial and marketing teams wishing to display their applications in real Hybrid conditions. It offers a light, mobile & user friendly solution. HbbTV Starter kit is Hbbtv made easy!

The “HbbTV Starter Kit” is a also cost-effective solution bringing high ROI as it addresses multiple needs: from tests during development phases to professional events such as demos at a customer or during a show.

From head-end to the set-top box, httv is an end-to-end HbbTV specialist providing an extensive range of dedicated solutions. httv has been an early supporter of the HbbTV standard since its creation, taking part in several French HbbTV trials and providing play-out solutions for the French DTT/ for all HbbTV active Operators in France. httv is also a member of the HbbTV consortium and the HD forum, the association specifying the HbbTV for the French DTT.

“Providing such an entry level HbbTV tool is a required step to put the potential of HbbTV in the hands of editors, application developers and broadcasters. Indeed, by developing new services, they will be those, who will make the standard more appealing to the general public increasing the demand for HbbTV compliant device” declared Jean-Christophe Jubin-VP Marketing. He added “By creating this new user-friendly tool addressing even non experience iTV developer, httv consolidates its leadership as an HbbTV solution provider”

At the IP&TV 2012, on its booth n°25 in the National hall, httv will also showcase its other HbbTV compliant solutions offering an end to end HbbTV platform:

  • httvStream HbbTV: A robust, cost-effective DVB data streamer and real-time multiplexer dedicated to hybrid interactive applications. It is used both for production and pre-production. It has been the first datastreaming solution for the HbbTV standard commercially deployed on the French market.
  • httvBOX: an innovative STB turnkey solution which simplifies and unifies access to all types of delivery platforms: broadcast, broadband and OTT. It is embedded software, which can be adapted to accommodate any device, ranging from a simple IP or DVB zapper to an advanced hybrid PVR with a media center feature. It offers an extensive range of features (non linear TV services, enhanced EPG, etc.). Thanks to its HbbTV player, the solution benefits from the interactivity powered by HbbTV.

Mr. Tommasi, httv’s EMEA sales director will be available for meetings at the ip&TV world forum 2012. He can be reached at +336 7964 4509