Prisa TV Selects Jinni as Provider of Discovery and Recommendation for Spanish Viewers

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
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Prisa has selected the semantic taste-and-mood based discovery engine Jinni to provide TV subscribers in Spain with a personalized and intuitive content discovery experience

MADRID & TEL AVIV, Israel — Leading Spanish Pay-TV operator Prisa TV has announced today its new partnership with Jinni, the entertainment discovery engine based on personal tastes & changing moods. Prisa TV, the company behind CANAL+ SPAIN, is the third major European television network to offer its subscribers this unique semantic-based user experience powered by Jinni for TV viewing within the household.

Pablo Romero Sulla, Director of Content at CANAL+ YOMVI (the CANAL+ online environment, providing live broadcast and VOD streaming), stated “Our goal is to offer our subscribers the best possible experience available. When we decided to further enhance our service by adding new discovery and recommendation capabilities, we decided to offer a whole new entertainment experience, as provided by Jinni. Our viewers will now have the option to enjoy content selection from personalized channels, created according to their own unique tastes. We’re introducing them to a brand new world of TV viewing.” Yosi Glick, Jinni Co-Founder & CEO, adds “This is a great and meaningful step for both companies; we are honored CANAL+ SPAIN selected Jinni to help revolutionize their subscribers’ TV viewing habits. By offering them a new and advanced approach to content selection and discovery, Prisa has proven to be an attentive company that holds its service, and its subscribers, high on their priorities list. Jinni is excited to add this respected Tier-1 European network to our list of clients.”

Once the new service is underway, CANAL+ subscribers will be able to select and view content from personal “Taste Collections”, reflecting each viewer’s unique Entertainment Personality and viewing habits. These collections are only one of the many personalization features offering a refreshing look at the user-centric approach to content recommendations. In addition, Prisa TV subscribers will be able to enjoy advanced content Explore and Discovery options powered by Jinni’s Entertainment Genome™, while using natural language to search intuitively for content they like; for example: a search for something “funny and cynical friendships in the city” can be made instead of just looking under “Comedy.”

By partnering with Jinni, Prisa TV is looking to differentiate its TV service by complying with two important industry trends: (1) the demands of a changing consumer market, led by the growing awareness of personalized entertainment services, along with the understanding that semantic capabilities in Pay TV services is a feasible notion; (2) continuing to shift focus towards the consumers’ experience by creating and offering features with intuitive semantic-driven capabilities.