Belgacom begins roll out of TV Replay catch-up TV service

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013
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Belgacom TV Replay: a new way of watching television

TV Replay is a new exclusive Belgacom service which allows Belgacom TV customers to watch programs up to 36 hours after they’ve been broadcast, on their TV, computer, tablet or smartphone. Today, Belgacom is starting a test phase for 10,000 customers thanks to the agreement it concluded with the main Flemish media groups VMMa, VRT and SBS Belgium. The commercial launch of TV Replay for all Belgacom TV customers is scheduled for 2014.

Belgacom, which, in 2005, was the first operator to launch digital television in Belgium, continues to innovate with new services such as TV Replay, a new way of watching TV. Belgacom TV customers will be able to watch programs broadcast in the past 36 hours, on their TV, computer, smartphone or tablet. With TV Replay, you’ll never again be annoyed because the program you wanted to see was broadcast the day before or because you forgot to record it. And you’ll no longer need to hurry to be in time for your favorite series. TV Replay fully meets television viewers’ needs to watch their programs when and where they want.

TV Replay and TV Replay+

Belgacom will launch TV Replay in two versions:

  • TV Replay, which allows viewers to watch programs broadcast in the past 36 hours.
  • TV Replay+, which allows viewers to not only watch programs broadcast in the past 36 hours, but also to fast-forward the chosen program.

The programs of the channels that support TV Replay/TV Replay+ are indicated in the TV Guide with the TV Replay logo.

TV Replay will be possible for the channels of broadcasters with which Belgacom has concluded an agreement. This is currently the case for the main Flemish media groups VMMa, VRT and SBS Belgium, with which Belgacom collaborates closely. The Belgacom TV sports channels (Belgacom 11, Belgacom 11+ and Belgacom 5) will also be included in the Replay offer.

10,000 Belgacom TV customers can test TV Replay+ before launch

Belgacom invites 10,000 Dutch-speaking Belgacom TV customers living in Flanders or Brussels to test TV Replay+ for free and before launch, from the end of November.

During the test phase, TV Replay+ will be possible on the main Flemish channels: Eén, Eén HD, Canvas, Canvas HD, Ketnet/OP-12, VIER, VIER HD, VIJF, VIJF HD, VTM, VTM HD, 2BE, 2BE HD, Vitaya, JIM, anne and VTMKZOOM. TV Replay is also available for the Belgacom TV sports channels: Belgacom zoom/11 (Belgian football), Belgacom 11+ (international football) and Belgacom 5 (Belgian basketball).

TV Replay+ is also possible on computers, smartphones and tablets via the TV Everywhere application for the following channels: Eén HD, Canvas HD, Ketnet/OP-12, VIER HD, VIJF HD, Belgacom zoom/11, Belgacom 11+ and Belgacom 5.

Belgacom TV customers who wish to test TV Replay+ can register to do so from today until 24 November via

Bruno Chauvat, EVP Strategy & Content at Belgacom, is looking forward to the launch of TV Replay: « With TV Replay, Belgacom subscribers will be able to watch TV completely as they like. TV Everywhere already allows them to watch television anywhere they want, but with TV Replay they can now also watch TV anytime they want. TV Replay is also a good illustration of the excellent collaboration with VMMa, VRT and SBS Belgium ».