Abertis deploys Digital TV Labs test suite for HbbTV testing

Thursday, January 16th, 2014
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Abertis Deploys Digital TV Labs’ Ligada iSuite for Spanish TDT Hibrida HbbTV Testing

Digital TV Labs has announced that Spanish DTT network operator, Abertis Telecom, has been using its leading Ligada iSuite test harness and test suite to ensure uniform HbbTV receiver conformance for the new Spanish TDT Hibrida platform.

Ligada iSuite for HbbTVLigada iSuite for HbbTV, is a complete HbbTV test/certification solution, providing manufacturers and broadcast platform operators with a universal tool for all HbbTV testing and conformance requirements. Abertis Telecom has been utilising the Ligada iSuite test tool along with the Ligada test suite including DRM and MPEG-DASH adaptive bitrate video technology, as a key part in the deployment of the connected TV standard, ensuring compliance with TDT Hibrida HbbTV-based specifications.

Digital TV Labs recently introduced the new TDT Hibrida Test Suite, which is tailored to the next generation of Spanish DTT HbbTV platform. The TDT Hibrida Test Suite provides testing capabilities in accordance with requirements and specifications set out by Foro Técnico de la Televisión Digital and technically enabled by Abertis Telecom.

In addition to Ligada iSuite for HbbTV, Digital TV Labs is providing TDT Hibrida test services to receiver manufacturers who wish to comply with the specification. The Test Suite comprises of test cases covering, device certification validation, supported audio codecs including 5.1 surround sound, aspect ratio conformance and video seeking.

Manufacturers seeking certification for the TDT Hibrida platform will have to illustrate conformance by using the TDT Hibrida test suite, as well as components of the French TNT2.0 and HbbTV1.5 test suites, all available within Ligada iSuite for HbbTV.

Keith Potter, CEO of Digital TV Labs, said,

“It’s encouraging to see Spain pushing forwards with its HbbTV rollout. The development of what is effectively another country profile requires careful testing and implementation to ensure a quality end-user experience. We’re very pleased that Abertis will be using the extensive automation features of the Ligada iSuite for HbbTV test tool to minimise certification times and accelerate this roll out.”

Alex Mestre, marketing manager of Abertis Telecom, said,

“Receivers that are compliant with TDT Hibrida specification are essential for a good consumer connected TV experience. We want the deployment to be as smooth as possible and that’s why we’re using Ligada iSuite”.

With offices in Asia and Europe and test services covering Europe, Australasia, ASEAN, Africa and South America, Digital TV Labs’ international reach is unrivalled.