Divitel implements DVB-T2 for Wise in Suriname

Friday, May 16th, 2014
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Divitel implements new DVB-T2 technology standard for Wise, Suriname

  • Suriname: From analogue to digital

Divitel designed and delivered a new television platform for WISE, a subsidiary of Telesur, in Suriname. A highly innovative platform that makes use of the brand new DVB-T2 technology standard! WISE has chosen system integrator and solutions provider Divitel to migrate its analogue television platform into a digital television platform (using DVB-T2) that’s scalable, redundant and economically viable.

In a country where the fiber density isn’t high, you need to search for other methods to distribute digital television. Suriname’s telecommunication company Telesur however wanted to offer, via its subsidiary WISE NV, it’s customers digital television and therefore ended up with technical outsourcing company Divitel who is known for its innovati veness. The innovative television platform is tailor-made for WISE and based on the new DVB-T2 technology standard and ready interactiveness; it’s a hybrid television system that enables interactivity (such as video on demand) through internet. It now enables that television viewers in Paramaribo switched from analogue to digital television at once. DVB-T2 is highly innovative and is used as an open technology world standard. By making use of such an open standard, it is possible to transmit digital, interactive television at a low cost; it may be regarded as a breakthrough at this continent.

Lloyd Groenhart, former Project Manager at Telesur and now Managing Director at Wise (a Telesur-daughter): “What is important to me is that I enter into a partnership, which is something else than the relationship I have with the supermarket chain in which I shop weekly. Partnership from a Surinamese perspective is about looking after each other from a commercial, technical, operational etc. perspective.”

Divitel embraces ‘thinks global, act local’ and therefore not only operates from The Netherlands, but also from Portugal, Germany and Curaçao. Four extremely different markets, managed by a Managing Director in-country.

Anil Sadhoeram, who is Managing Director of Divitel Americas started the project and supervised it, making use of Divitel’s international Engineering Team. He agrees with Mr Groenhart: “Divitel is proud to be the 1st company that implements the DVB-T2 technology in Latin America. We’re grateful that innovative telecommunication company Telesur has chosen us to design and implement a television platform making use of the brand new DVB-T2 technology standard.”