RTVE DVB-T2 4K pilot uses Egatel transmitter

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
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Egatel technology to broadcast Ultra High Definition (4K) at a pioneering pilot in Spain

  • RTVE Corporation presents a DVB-T2 Broadcast 4K pilot project which uses an Egatel Transmitter

TE9101 Egatel transmitter is part of a pilot project set-up to transmit and receive Ultra High Definition (4K) signal over DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television). The pilot that was presented this Tuesday June 24th at RTVE Institute, has completed a chain of capture, editing and post-production, compression, transmission and reception.

RTVE pilot 4k4K format is characterized by a level of detail not used commercially until now given the resolution of the images: 2160 lines per 3840 columns. This is four times the resolution of 1080 high definition TV and nine times the resolution of 720 high definition TV. The difference is even more amazing in the case of standard definition, where 4K resolution is 15 times larger. DTT broadcast video transmission delivered in 4K format involves very high bitrates: HEVC encoding and DVB-T2 standard make it possible.

The trial, that has been set up by ETSIT G@TV (UPM), includes the complete transmission chain with an state-of-the-art Egatel DVB-T2 modulator and 100 Wrms amplifier. Moreover, the Secretary of State of Telecommunications and for the Information Society has granted a temporal license to broadcast a digital mux in 754 MHz (channel 56) via DVB-T2 standard.

The content is a film about the Prado Museum that was recorded by RTVE and can be seen for a few days in the lobby of RTVE Official Institute.