Afghanistan officially launches digital TV broadcasting

Monday, September 1st, 2014
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MCIT – Opens Digital TV Broadcasting

Afghanistan’s digital TV system officially inaugurated by second vice president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan H. E. Mohammad Karim Khalili and Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) H. E. Amirzai Sangin in a ceremony officially held in Kabul Serena Hotel on Sunday August 31, 2014.

The event was also attended by the state profiles, members of Parliament and representatives of mass media.

Digital TV inauguration ceremony held in Kabul Serena Hotel

Expressing his pleasure Minister of MCIT H. E. Amirzai Sangin said we are proud that our people are witness of another great step toward development in the field of communications and information technology. In terms of digital TV broadcasting H. E. Sangin gave a brief information and said: Digital television is the transmission of audio and video by digitally processed and multiplexed signal, in contrast to the totally analog and channel separated signals used by analog system. It is an innovative service that represents a significant evolution in television technology. Opening of digital TV is a significant step towards progress and development of the country, through this system we will get rid from the jungles of towers. He mentioned that Afghanistan has achieved remarkable advances in all aspects; and especially in communications and IT fields. The minister stated that currently 90% of the population use mobile services; and internet services are provided in 23 provinces through 3G technology and Fiber Optic and is rapidly expanding. He added that the use of TV, mobile and IT today is one of the basic needs in the life of the people and it plays great role in information, good governance, social, economic, cultural and other fields. Minister Sangin said that: the growth of electric media during last decade is unprecedented; there are invested 2.2 billion dollars in this sector; over 200 million dollars annually income; providing job opportunities for more than 140,000 individual; 22 million subscribers of mobile phones; Afghan satellite (Afghan Sat 1); the large number of TV channels and Radio stations are displaying the volume of MCIT’s achievements.

He also outlined the benefits of digital network

  • broadcasting programs using the lowest frequency allocation
  • Superb image and voice quality
  • Decrease in financial expenses
  • Providing fixed and mobile television services to all parts of the country.
  • Improved quality of programs
  • Access to foreign television channels.

After that the second vice President H. E. Mohammad Karim Khalili appreciating tireless struggle of Amirzai Sangin, leadership and staff of MCIT congratulated the people of Afghanistan on this great event.

It is worth mentioning that digital TV broadcast in the Herat, Balkh, Kundoz, Kandahar, Nengarhar and Ghazni provinces in three months and all over the country will start within three years.