24i and Unified Streaming provide app and content for Deutsche Glasfaser fibre TV

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014
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24i and Unified Streaming join forces once again for Deutsche Glasfaser

  • Companies offer infrastructure for OTT TV Everywhere service over brand new fibre network

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — App developer 24i and streaming-platform provider Unified Streaming are collaborating on an extensive OTT TV-Everywhere service for German fibre operator Deutsche Glasfaser. The Dutch companies cooperate to deliver a seamless back-end to front-end solution.

24i and Unified Streaming have previously worked together on large-scale projects such as the RTL XL app for RTL Nederland. The companies offer different services, but are aware these services complement each other very well.

24i’s CCO Jacob Zwagemaker comments: “I always say we are step 9 and 10 in the value chain, because we provide the user interface. But a good-looking, well-built app does not provide any value without the right videos. We understand how important Unified Streaming’s work is for the functioning of our apps.”

Unified Streaming’s Simon Westbroek, VP Global Sales, says: “Our software delivers DRM-protected media content from a single source to all kinds of devices, in the appropriate format. In order to access that content our clients require a solid app with an easy to use interface. This is where 24i comes in.”

Deutsche Glasfaser’s OTT service will soon be introduced in the German market under the name ‘DGTV’.