Latest Opera TV solution to debut on Android TVs in 2015

Monday, January 5th, 2015
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Blink-based HTML5 rendering engine expands device reach for CES

OSLO, Norway — The industry’s first Blink-based TV rendering engine, by Opera Software, will ship on the latest Smart TVs and entertainment devices based on Android L. The Opera Devices SDK (Software Development Kit) 4.x series will launch on Android TVs by long-term Opera Software OEM partner, Sony Corporation, with the Opera Devices SDK 3.x series delivered on connected-TV devices using Android Open Source from TCL.

The Opera Devices SDK shortens time to market for manufacturers by including support for web and TV industry standards. Android devices with the latest Opera TV solution will be available worldwide in the near future.

Opera Devices SDK harnesses industry standards to shorten the time to market

In addition to advanced HTML5 capabilities to power premium over-the-top content, the Opera Devices SDK also has the ability to bring Opera’s hybrid TV option for HbbTV, Opera TV Store app platform and Opera TV browser for open internet browsing to Android TV devices.

Opera TV on Android TVs

Manufacturers can also quickly deploy hundreds of entertaining, HTML5-based TV apps through the Opera TV Store, an application platform live on devices from more than 15 manufacturers and pay-TV operators and reaching millions of homes. The Opera Devices SDK also offers the new Opera TV browser, which lets viewers easily browse the full web via a standard remote control and use familiar features, such as tabbed browsing, visual bookmarks and browsing history.

“HTML5 has proven to be the harmonizing factor in a complex and fragmented industry with many operating systems, regional standards and plug-in frameworks. When our TV partners announced their Android plans, Opera’s latest TV solutions were a natural fit,” says Aneesh Rajaram, Senior Vice-President for TV & Devices, Opera Software. “Manufacturers seek a certain degree of freedom on the OS layer, to differentiate the user experience. But, as we’ve experienced, content owners are keen to re-use their investments in HTML5 apps for TV, and this is precisely where we can add value to manufacturers launching Android TV.”

Meet Opera Software at the Consumer Electronics Show

During CES, Opera Software will showcase the latest version of the Opera Devices SDK, 4.3, which includes the Pepper Plugin API to make plug-ins for TV more secure, new features that manufacturers need to meet YouTube’s 2015 certification requirements (including Web Audio) and other performance improvements. Also on show will be the latest incarnation of the Opera TV Store application platform, featuring a host of new apps, simplified app management for customers and a new emulator for developers.

Come and meet Opera Software at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, from January 6-9. Visit us in South Hall S2, Lower Level, #MP25060, at the CES Meeting Place. To arrange a commercial or media meeting, contact