StarTimes reduces DVB-T2 STB price in Kenya

Monday, February 23rd, 2015
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Free To Air Set-Top-Box Price Drop

  • StarTimes Free To Air Set Top Box To Retail At Just KSH 3,299
  • 17.5% price drop to encourage uptake giving Kenyans access to over 55 FTA Channels

Digital Television Company StarTimes Media has effected a 17.5% price drop on the cost of acquiring its type approved DVB T2 Free To Air set top box with the move aimed at making it increasingly affordable for more Kenyans to acquire the company’s set top box that will not attract monthly subscription charges.

StarTimes free to air set top box will now retail at a one off fee of Ksh 3,299 (~$36) down from 3,999 with free access to one month Unique bouquet worth Ksh 1,499 giving Kenyans over 75 premium international channels.

Upon the expiry of the one month free Unique bouquet package, Kenyans will enjoy uninterrupted access to over 55 free to air local channels in digital quality for good. Customers will also be in a position to enroll to the company’s pay television platform without the need to acquire another set top box by subscribing to a bouquet of choice at will.

Acknowledging these latest developments, StarTimes Vice President for Marketing Mr. Mark Lisboa notes that the move is advised by the need to enable more Kenyans access free digital television service with the country having already switched off the 1st and 2nd phase of the analogue transmissions.

“The new price is testament enough that as a brand, we are committed to see more Kenyan household’s access affordable set top boxes and premium digital television service. Our free to air set top box is equally superior in that it saves the consumer the cost of acquiring a pay television set top box in the event they want to upgrade and access international channels as they can use the same set top box,” noted Mr. Lisboa.

The free to air set top box will complement the Pay Television one that is currently retailing at just Ksh 199 upon subscribing to a bouquet of choice at Ksh 1,500 giving Kenyans a choice for either of the two.

Kenyans who enroll on either the StarTimes free to air or the pay television platform will enjoy an elaborate aftersales service the company having established a 24 hour seven days a week call centre and a door to door technical service that is aimed at ensuring customers have the best digital television experience.

StarTimes has equally extended a 14% subsidy for the external antenna and 10 metre cable with the same retailing at Ksh 1,200 down from Ksh 1,400 to guarantee the best digital television signal reception.
“We are not only offering Kenyans affordable digital television service but also a choice of set top boxes and customer centered after sales services all of which are aimed at facilitating access to premium digital television service only on StarTimes,” added Mr. Lisboa.

Uptake of set top boxes has been on the rise since the Communication Authority initiated the switch off of the analogue transmissions with the 3rd and final phase expected to take place on 30th March 2015 with StarTimes progressively positioning itself as the preferred brand for digital migration.

StarTimes digital set top boxes will have a 1 year warranty with the offers applicable at all StarTimes outlets, supermarkets and other 210 dealer outlets across Kenya.