Conax establishes Beijing test center

Thursday, March 26th, 2015
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Conax establishes Beijing test center; new regional offering for Asia Pacific set-top-box manufacturers

  • Conax tapping Kudelski synergies; leveraging Nagra’s Beijing test & certification center
  • Introducing new option for Conax Pre-testing and Conformity Testing services for regional client device partners serving global pay-TV industry

BEIJING — CCBN 2015 — Conax, part of the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S) and a leading provider of complete video content and service protection for pay-TV operators and OTT service providers, today announced it is in the final stages of establishing a Conax test center in Beijing. The facility will provide authorized Pre-Testing and Conformity Testing services certifying client device conformance for Conax content protection functionality requirements. Conax works closely with a wide range of STB partners and other device manufacturers to ensure Conax enabled client devices are developed according to its strict requirements for functionality and security. The new test hub extends the security provider’s current offering for 3rd party test facilities in Europe and India and aims to offer cost efficient access for set-top-box manufacturers and partners in Asia Pacific.

  • The Conax testing facility in Beijing will be available from early May 2015
  • This week Conax is available during CCBN 2015, Beijing, at a CCBN event suite at the Beijing Radisson Blu. The Conax team will have information about Conax client device testing (link to details) and demonstrations of Conax’ broad portfolio of security solutions for pay-TV and OTT operators

Establishment of the test facility in Beijing further exemplifies how Conax has been able to cultivate synergies within the Kudelski Group since its acquisition by the Group in April 2014. Sister company, Nagra, has a well-established and highly reputable test and certification center in Beijing providing Conax with an agile and trusted solution for quickly establishing regional testing services. A dedicated team of test engineers is being trained and certified to drive and uphold the Conax requirements and robust testing regimes at the facility.

“During the last 2 years, Conax has security integrated close to 200 STB models, confirms Erik Abrahamsen, acting EVP Services, Conax. While a very high percentage of the manufacturers are based in Asia, we are pleased to introduce a regional offering for our partners. Establishing a test center closer to our STB partners will provide flexibility and reduced costs for STB projects, benefiting both our partners and our customers – leading pay-TV operators across the globe.”

“It’s a great opportunity to further develop Kudelski Group synergies. It will contribute to extend our service offering that set-top-box manufacturers will benefit from, said Hervé Goupil, Vice President Device Integration and Trusted Platform, NAGRA. Having more than 10 years of experience in testing STB models, we have the capability to ramp up quickly and efficiently a dedicated team for Conax activities”, he adds.