KPN developing 'Play by KPN' OTT TV app

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015
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Play. by KPN: unique, over-the-top TV app that meets changing viewer demand

KPN is developing Play by KPN, a unique over-the-top TV service, to meet changing viewer demand. This single app will allow users to view content in a new, personal way as either live TV or on-demand. Play by KPN will be available for everyone with an internet connection, at home or out-of-home, during the course of 2015 – even if KPN isn’t your internet service provider.

Watching TV is becoming more and more a personal viewing experience. Young viewers in particular want flexibility to watch their favorite programs on demand, at a time to suit them, at home or on their mobile device. Play by KPN is being developed in response to this demand, to offer access to the most popular TV channels and a wide range of on demand content. It is available as one app for iOS and Android, or via Google Chromecast on a smart TV. “Play by KPN gives you the freedom to watch content when you want, wherever you are. It doesn’t even matter which internet provider you have,” says Diederik Rosenbaum, TV & Propositions Manager at KPN.

KPN is currently working with a closed user group to develop the first version of Play by KPN. The next step will be to expand this user group to develop the definitive version, with a commercial roll-out to follow later in 2015.