ENENSYS enables DTT content transmission for Mexico's Televisa

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

ENENSYS Enables Reliable DTT Content Transmission For Televisa

RENNES — ENENSYS Technologies, designers and manufacturers of digital TV transmission technologies, today announced that Televisa has deployed its switcher technology as part of a wider DTT (ATSC) network rollout. ENENSYS has delivered a large volume of its ASIGuard II switchers for installation at transmitter sites across the country, as well as its new ASIIPSwitch and HDc chassis platform, for secure microwave links in seamless switching mode.

Sergio León, DTT Compression Systems Manager at Televisa said, “The main purpose for the inclusion of ENENSYS’ technology in our ATSC network infrastructure is to provide a highly reliable ASI stream that is delivered onward to DTT transmission systems. We are confident in the stream analysis capabilities of ENENSYS’ equipment, and we can let the switch decide which stream is on air.”

ENENSYS ASIGuard II Smart Switch has been successfully integrated with Ericsson’s NMS for monitoring purposes. Thanks to its analysis capabilities, it’s able to provide real-time status updates of ASI stream structures. ASIGuard II provides automatic switching between two ASI sources – in this case the main and backup encoders – allowing it to be used as a 1+1 redundancy solution. If errors are detected in the “on-air” stream, the system will automatically switch to the second stream if this is offers a better signal.

The ASIIPGuard II provides a secure output in both IP and ASI formats with the same module. ENENSYS’ HDc chassis makes the whole system extremely scalable and futureproof, allowing additional switcher modules to be added as required. Switches can also easily be bypassed for maintenance.

Juan Pablo Alonso, CEO at SIS Electron – ENENSYS’ local partner – said, “Easy integration with the Ericsson nCompass system makes ENENSYS’ switcher technology ideal for this project as we are facing a tight deadline with the imminent analog switchoff. The reliability, scalability, robustness and ease-of-use of the ASIIPGuard is also critical for a project of this size that covers such a large geographic area.”

Emmanuel Jacques, Sales Manager, ENENSYS added, “Our ASIIPGuard switcher has been designed from the ground up to address the requirements of network operators such as Televisa, optimising network capacity and enabling them to meet the needs of specific audience segments, with a high level of reliability. We are delighted that Televisa has deployed our technology at the heart of its new digital terrestrial network.”