Eutelsat and ENENSYS show live DVB-NIP over 5G at IBC

Friday, September 15th, 2023 

Eutelsat and ENENSYS showcase World’s first Live DVB-NIP over 5G at IBC 2023

RENNES — ENENSYS Technologies, leading provider of media delivery solutions, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Eutelsat, one of the world’s leading satellite operators, to leverage on DVB-NIP technology and enable streaming services over 5G networks. The solution will be demonstrated at IBC 2023 with a live signal from Eutelsat Teleport.

DVB-NIP (DVB-Native IP) is the new DVB standard to enable convergence of broadband and broadcast services to increase the reach for satellite and broadcast operations. The new system enables to address multiscreen devices even with unconnected users.

5G with latest 3GPP releases have all the capabilities to distribute content efficiently using unicast, multicast, or broadcast delivery methods. The deployment of 5G networks will require the implementation of very dense, low-power transmitters. Satellite distribution technologies, coupled with the new DVB-NIP standard, are extremely well suited to deliver live media content to these networks.

Eutelsat and ENENSYS will be hosting a live demo of satellite contribution to 5G networks at IBC using the DVB-NIP standard. Live content from several TV channels will be collected at the Eutelsat Teleport, compressed in H264 and packaged in DASH. The packaged content will then be encapsulated by the ENENSYS MediaCast Broadband server and transmitted on Eutelsat’s HOTBIRD satellite at 13° East. The satellite signal will be received during IBC at the RAI Facilities in Amsterdam. The ENENSYS 5G-in-a-box solution eBox hosts the ENENSYS CubeAgent software to receive the DVB-NIP signal from the satellite feed to allow 5G devices to consume the TV content.

“We are thrilled to present with Eutelsat this world’s first demonstration of DVB-NIP services over 5G networks” stated Laurent ROUL, VP Marketing at ENENSYS. “This live demonstration illustrates the perfect use case of the value-added services that DVB-NIP can bring by delivering quality video services at the closest to consumers with a standard, interoperable, and universal use of 5G networks.”

“Mobile operators have been used to leveraging satellite technology to connect remote areas. Together with ENENSYS, we are happy to demonstrate how satellite can also contribute to the distribution of media services over mobile networks” said Annamaria Recchia, VP Commercial Development, Marketing & Product, Video, Eutelsat. “This is the first step in showing how the emergence of 5G and the evolution toward 5G NTN will drive a deeper integration between satellite and mobile networks.”

Links: ENENSYS; Eutelsat