DTVKit HbbTV 1.5 now available on the Ekioh TV Browser

Thursday, June 4th, 2015
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DTVKit Increases Choice with Ekioh’s Browser

BRISTOL, UK — DTVKit, providers of the core building blocks of a royalty free broadcast DVB and HbbTV solution, today announced that their HbbTV 1.5 solution is now available on the Ekioh TV Browser. This provides the industry with a commercially sourced browser and the availability of the first turn-key HbbTV solution together with Ekioh. The joint solution offers enhanced performance and size advantages over the Qt based browser, which is typically used with the DTVKit HbbTV solution.

“Our customers have been asking for the option of a commercially sourced browser for some time”, said Phil Evans, CEO of DTVKit. “They value the engineering support, additional features and product roadmap for such a complex and core part of the overall solution. By combining the DTVKit HbbTV solution and the Ekioh browser, we have been able to make available a high quality turn-key product that can be taken straight into production.”

“The HbbTV receiver market is one of the most cost aggressive environments in the industry”, said Stephen Reeder, Commercial Director at Ekioh. “The performance and memory usage benefits of the Ekioh TV Browser have helped drive down the overall bill of materials, more than accounting for the cost of the browser itself.”

Paul Martin, CEO of Ocean Blue Software Ltd, commented “We have had a long relationship with Ekioh and both as a founding member of DTVKit and the leading provider of services to companies making DTVKit based solutions, Ocean Blue Software were delighted to be asked to integrate the two solutions. We believe this is another significant step in expanding the DTVKit ecosystem.”

The joint solution will be demonstrated by Broadcom Corporation at the ANGA COM exhibition in Cologne, Germany 9-11 June 215 running on Broadcom’s cost-effective BCM7362 silicon.