SoftAtHome provides software for Mobistar unbundled cable

Monday, April 25th, 2016
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TV Connect 2016: SoftAtHome Invents the Future of Premium Interactive TV Services over Cable Networks for Mobistar Internet & TV

  • SoftAtHome has delivered its next generation software release to enable the launch of Mobistar TV over unbundled Cable network, a world first

LONDON — TV Connect — SoftAtHome, a software provider for operator CPE devices enabling convergent services for the digital home, is proud to announce the delivery of its very latest software release, enabling the launch of Mobistar’s new TV offering over unbundled cable network in Belgium.

In the context of Belgian Cable networks regulation, “Mobistar Internet & TV” is a world premiere where a mobile network operator is offering premium interactive Digital TV and High Broadband Internet services over unbundled cable infrastructure, hence becoming one of the first true Cable Virtual Network Operators in the world.

SoftAtHome has helped Mobistar deliver a range of innovative features for the cable TV Decoder, supporting their key priorities of using non-proprietary networks. On top of its new services such as download speeds up to 200Mbps, upload speeds up to 12Mbps, or non-capped monthly volumes, Mobistar offers TV services with a best-of-breed intuitive interface that includes an advanced PVR, an enriched EPG, 8 tuners supporting up to 4 simultaneous recordings and up to 400 hours of TV storage. All features enabled by SoftAtHome latest software release.

“Until now, end-users had a very limited and quite expensive Internet and TV offering here in Belgium,” said Mr. Jean-Marc Harion, CEO of Mobistar. “With our new Mobistar Internet & TV offer, we propose up to 70 TV channels and high-speed Internet (100 Mo/s). To achieve that, we needed great time-to-market, a very flexible software platform to deliver all the features our subscribers demand and expect today, and a competitive top-quality service. Thanks to our collaboration with SoftAtHome, we achieved all that and more, as our Mobistar Internet & TV is truly a world’s first: we are becoming one of the very first Cable Virtual Network Operators in the world.”

“Mobistar wanted all the latest TV and Digital Home features and to benefit from a service roadmap developed with major operators such as Orange, Swisscom or Etisalat, to extend their future service offerings,” says Michel Degland, CEO of SoftAtHome. “We are proud that they trust our solutions. This release shows that opening cable networks to operators develops competition and benefits to end-users who get more choice and competitive pricing.”

Meet SoftAtHome on stand 79, TV Connect ExCel from 26 to 28th April 2016.8th April 2016.