SKYBOXE combines local TV with a la carte in a single UI

Monday, June 13th, 2016

SKYBOXE™ Engages a 2.2 Trillion Dollar Television Marketplace with a Hybrid TV™ Service

SARASOTA, Fla. — SKYBOXE, has configured a unique and proprietary television service combining Local Television with a la carte subscriptions like, HBO GO, MLB, Hulu, Netflix, IP Cable Networks through a single user interface.

“SKYBOXE offers a distinct alternative to high priced cable or satellite TV while amassing distribution very differently from how Apple TV, Roku, TiVo, Chromecast or Amazon Prime operates,” said Isaac Jacobson, EVP of Corporate Development. “Our patent pending solution also allows a large volume distribution base using white labeled platforms for bulk installs at hotels, college campuses, residential centers, big box retailers and ISPs allowing them to embed their own brand and offerings throughout the television viewing experience.”

SKYBOXE runs on Android providing Local, Over the Air Programming, Cable TV Network APPs, IPTV, OTT Networks, Video Gaming, Music, Play Store, LTE Internet and Internet Telephony, the next bundle.

“The patents, the history of the team, and the technologists they have assembled led by its CTO, Sun Chang of Microsoft and Samsung, all enable SKYBOXE to become the next big player in the ‘cord cutting’ environment. The company provides a cost effective and efficient way to watch television, including local channels, on any device,” said Nyhl Henson, SKYBOXE board member and CEO of StreamerZz. Mr. Henson is credited with involvement in CMT, MTV and Nickelodeon and referred to by Hollywood talent agency, CAA as the Edison of pay per view.

Three years in the making, SKYBOXE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Applied Digital Research; a Delaware Corporation headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. The team consists of pioneers from the entertainment and media world along with some of the top television developers from LG, MS and Samsung.

The company will launch the service later this year in the USA, Canada and Mexico. SKYBOXE plans a B2B offering geared towards big box retail, hotel networks, college dorms and assisted living facilities. SKYBOXE has set out to revolutionize the next generation of television as a la carte content packages make their way to the web.