MultiMedia Polska chooses ContentWise personalized TV

Monday, September 5th, 2016
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MultiMedia Polska chooses ContentWise to provide personalized TV solutions

  • ContentWise chosen to personalize the user experience of all MultiMedia Polska’s live TV, VoD, catch-up and OTT services.
  • ContentWise integrated with existing infrastructure from ADB, Atende and Cubiware.
  • MultiMedia Polska choice attributed to the flexibility and power of the ContentWise personalization solution, which supports the greatest variety of present and future MultiMedia Polska use cases.

AMSTERDAM — ContentWise, the personalization, discovery, analytics and metadata expert, today announced that Multimedia Polska, a leading provider of telecommunication services and digital television in Poland, has selected ContentWise to personalize its live TV, VoD, catch-up and OTT services.

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The ContentWise platform was chosen due to its flexibility and the wide set of supported use cases, which will enable Multimedia Polska to integrate the solution alongside its existing infrastructure. Multimedia Polska is also able to provide enhanced features such as predictive analytics and algorithmic and social recommendations, to ensure an entirely intuitive experience for viewers.

Another key driver for Multimedia Polska was the confidence in the ability of ContentWise’s consulting arm to best exploit personalization in the video space first but also to cross recommend additional services like insurance and utility services which are part of the Multimedia Polska portfolio.

“We believe that in near future the best TV experience will be delivered through a combination of human creativity, analytics and automated interface management,” said Bartłomiej Kasiński, Strategy & Development Director, Multimedia Polska. “Integration with Contentwise will help us to provide our customers with far more convenient video access, enables our viewers to find content they care about, in seconds rather than minutes. It also ensures that the UX is personalized for their individual behaviour and tastes.”

“Our personalization engine enables sophisticated operators like Multimedia Polska to find the perfect balance between data-driven automation and human content curation to provide their customers with the best possible TV experience,” said Paolo Bozzola, CEO of ContentWise. “We’re delighted to be able to deliver Multimedia Polska the tools they need and to work with such an innovative and successful operator in the Eastern European market.”

ContentWise is the TV personalization software that provides broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV, OTT and video streaming operators with total control over the curation and automation of the Personalized TV experience.

ContentWise provides a UX engine that delivers full control over each personalized user interface element across platforms through a set of visual layout management tools. It implements the most sophisticated content discovery solution, with algorithmic and social recommendations, predictive browsing and context awareness. It includes editorial tools that affords content programmers unprecedented control thanks to predictive performance tools, curation, dynamic streams, business rules, A/B testing. The UX engine is data driven, with analytics including four critical KPI analytics sets: user activity, financials, engagement and recommendation effectiveness metrics.