Quadrille supplies Push technology for Kwesé TV catchup services

Friday, January 13th, 2017
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Econet Media’s Kwesé TV Triggers Catch Up TV Services With The Push Content Software Solution From Quadrille

PARIS, France — Independent software and service provider Quadrille, has partnered with Africa’s Econet Media, to provide push technology catch up software for Econet Media’s Kwesé TV portfolio.

Quadrille will supply its modular file transfer solution QuadriFast™ to Kwesé TV, enabling the multi-platform television network to deliver a comprehensive catch up service to its audiences anywhere, anytime. This catch up service can be accessed through linear TV on Kwesé TV direct to home service with an external hard disc drive.

The QuadriFast™ software solution provides multicast delivery of any content, allowing broadcasters to set up an over the air delivery platform for a number services including catch up, live TV and video on demand (VOD).

“It’s not enough to have the best content, how we deliver our programming to our viewers is a critical aspect of our strategy. Regardless of the platform we want to ensure a seamless viewing experience for our audiences. This software provides the infrastructure required to deliver this service,” shared President and Group Chief Executive Officer of Econet Joseph Hundah.

Quadrille’s innovative push technology software answers real life needs in media, entertainment, transport, public as well as military infrastructures. The company’s technology provides an optimum end user experience with exceptional picture quality and connectivity.

“QuadriFast™ is an innovative solution which makes sure content is sent and stored locally close to the user. QuadriFast™ has tools which not only manage the distribution but also the updates and the removals of local content. The optimal use of the bandwidth performed by QuadriFast™ ensures an end-to-end service at lower costs for the benefit of all subscribers” said Xavier Battas CEO of Quadrille.

Regardless of where the user is, Quadrille delivers content or live channels through satellite or DTT network.