Opera TV to show latest HbbTV 2.0.1 features with the BBC

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017
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Opera TV and Leading Broadcaster to Demonstrate Latest HbbTV 2.0.1 Features

  • First to demonstrate companion screen and media synchronizer features at TV Connect

LONDON — TV Connect — Opera TV, the global market leader in enabling OTT, today announced that the Opera TV Hybrid TV Module, which previously included support for HbbTV 2.0.1, now also features Companion Screen and Media-Synchronization capabilities. To showcase the complete solution, Opera TV has collaborated with BBC Research and Development to jointly demonstrate these features at TV Connect, taking place between March 28 – 30 in London.

HbbTV has evolved into the de facto industry standard for interactive linear TV, whereby Broadcasters’ linear TV, IPTV, catch-up TV and VOD, seamlessly co-exist to deliver next generation entertainment experiences to end consumers through connected TVs and set-top boxes. The UK is leading the way in adopting the latest release of HbbTV through Freeview Play and the DTG D-Book 9. The latest release includes integration of Companion Screen and Media Synchronization capabilities that allow content owners to extend content viewing beyond traditional screens in the home and incorporate additional options to deliver a richer, immersive experience for consumers.

  • Companion Screen option sets up a link between content on a TV and content on a handset or tablet, so that viewers can get additional or extended content on the companion device while they view content in real-time on the TV.
  • Media Synchronization enables consumers to transition viewing content from their home screen to mobile devices, allowing them to continue enjoying their favorite live content and OTT applications anytime, anywhere. The new solution also includes the ability for consumers to listen to alternative audio tracks in a variety of languages synchronized with live broadcasts or streamed video on the TV or set-top box. Broadcasters can also enable descriptive audio tracks for the visually-impaired to listen to from their handsets while watching on their main screen.

“HbbTV has for many years led the way in setting standards that enable truly engaging television experiences, and Opera TV has been delighted to participate for many years as an active Board Member in this association,” said Aneesh Rajaram, CEO of Opera TV. “At Opera TV, we continuously aim to build cutting-edge products that enable our OEM customers to bring the most advanced features to viewers in the living room. This further empowers the content ecosystem to reliably harness device capabilities and engage their viewers.”

BBC R&D will showcase their handset applications that interface with Opera TV’s HbbTV solution running on a Set-Top Box. The demonstration will illustrate how broadcasters can make it possible for viewers to watch additional information on running programmes or listen to synchronised alternative audio tracks on their handsets in multiple languages. Viewers can also access the same or synchronised alternative video streams from their handsets, to view alternative camera feeds, or to synchronise viewing before they take their handset and continue viewing the content from another location.

The Opera TV Hybrid TV Module, which now includes full support for HbbTV 2.0.1 with companion screen and media synchronization, is available as an optional module to the Opera TV SDK, the industry’s most deployed HTML5 environment that ships on tens of millions of set-top boxes and Connected TVs each year. Opera TV has been actively involved with the HbbTV Association since its inception, helping to define the specification, ensuring that it is supported across a wide array of platforms and devices, and making sure broadcast and streamed HbbTV services and applications are deployed reliably on its customers’ devices.

Availability and Demonstrations at TV Connect

TV Connect attendees can experience a demonstration of the latest integration from Opera TV at the Opera TV booth (Stand B10) at the ExCeL London, March 28 – 30, 2017.