ADB brings Android TV into the pay TV operator arena

Thursday, September 28th, 2017
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ADB graphyne2 brings Android TV into the Pay TV Operator Arena

This year, at IBC, ADB announced that Android TV™ is now part of graphyne2™ Family. Android TV brings to the consumer global reach and open access to the OTT content directly from the studios and multiple content aggregators. Consumers often look elsewhere for an alternative to current pay TV offerings from incumbent operators, but it doesn’t need to be that way anymore.

From now on, the pay TV operators, can also provide access to Google™ TV Services like YouTube™, Chromecast™ and Google Play Store™, whilst keeping all the benefits of ADB’s graphyne2 Suite, including the multiscreen, pay TV and OTT hybrid video delivery, personal recommendations, the customization and branding dashboard, the remote management, analytics and A/B testing capability and other beyond video plugins. Quite simply, the best of all worlds.

ADB graphyne2 Android TV Screen

“I have heard pay TV operators commenting that finally, seeing the ADB’s graphyne2 launcher nicely blending the operator and OTT worlds into one keeping the operator’s identity, we can think of introducing the Android TV into our pay TV offer”, said Jacek Galik, SVP Sales Eastern Europe.

graphyne2 Android, as part of graphyne2 Family, provides consistent user experience over legacy and latest generation set-top boxes, mobile and PC applications as well as Android TV devices.

“Thanks to graphyne2, I can improve my current service and add premium decoders, which will bring number of OTT content applications from Google Play Store”, said one of conference delegates vising ADB’s booth. “I can also run graphyne2 application on existing smart TVs or let the user watch the video on his tablet, all this running from one backend platform and customized by the same dashboard”, he continued.

Thanks to over 20 years of experience with pay TV middleware and hardware, ADB supports the secured broadcast delivery through tuners, as well as bringing DVB metadata into the Android TV world in a smooth way, making it available to any third part application.

“Our stand was very busy this year”, commented Frank Kessaratos, EVP Head of the WW Sales, “we are really happy to see the interest from our current and prospect customers. We have responded to their demand for agility in a changing TV environment, and we started a number of interesting conversations, which shortly should convert into real deals”, he continued.

graphyne2 has been already selected by two operators in Europe and is being trailed by two more, including one in multi-tenant mode.