Digital TV Labs Is the First Test Lab to Support New DVB-T Standards

Thursday, August 9th, 2007
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Pan-European RF testing for NorDig 1.03 and D-Book 5

Digital TV Labs, specialists in conformance testing of digital TV receiver products, is the first independent test lab to support both the latest DVB-T Radio Frequency (RF) standards. Consumer electronic companies and semiconductor manufacturers can ensure that their receivers meet the demanding requirements of these two new standards, and submit their products for the UK Digital Tick and Swedish Boxer logo certifications.

Many consumers in Europe are in marginal coverage areas and can be using legacy analogue aerials with poor gain. Validating DVB-T receivers have good RF performance, so that all channels can be received without corruption is fundamental for ensuring a good user experience. Both the Digital TV Group (DTG) in the UK and the NorDig organisation in Scandinavia have developed these comprehensive and challenging specifications to ensure a minimum performance level.

Digital TV Labs has upgraded its state-of-the-art facility to comply with the latest versions of the standard D-Book V5 and NorDig 1.03. Receivers can be rapidly tested in the labs by experienced technicians using highly automated test equipment, operating 7 days a week and 24 hours per day. The company also delivers testing for the E-Book and Italian DGTVi specifications as well as local national and operator variants. For the first time, DVB-T manufacturers can have a single, one-stop-shop for pan-European RF conformance testing.

Through a long experience testing over 100 platforms, the Company issues detailed and comprehensive test reports, containing subjective information based on industry benchmarks in addition to pass-fail information. This enables manufacturers to make a performance comparison against the industry norms in addition to testing against the specification. Digital TV Labs also performs additional tests not contained in the specifications to ensure good performance in real world conditions.

Keith Potter, CEO of Digital TV Labs, commented: “The unique pan-European RF conformance testing service ensures a smooth route for the UK Digital Tick and Swedish Boxer certification. Combined with the Evora software conformance tests, manufacturers can accelerate product launches for Europe’s multiple and diverse markets.”