Fincons selected by Sky Deutschland as preferred supplier for OTT

Monday, January 15th, 2018
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Fincons Group has been selected by Sky Deutschland as Preferred Supplier for OTT Solutions

As part of Sky’s ‘Better Sky’ programme, set up in 2016 to identify strategies and reliable partners to invest and take part in its growth strategy, Fincons Group has been named by Sky Deutschland as Preferred Supplier in their “OTT” (over-the-top) Cluster.

The client specifically acknowledges and benefits from the following key features: sector-specific capabilities, high-quality and constant drive by Fincons Group to guarantee that the exacting levels of service required by the platform are always met.

Fincons Group has already been assisting Sky Deutschland with major, innovative OTT projects since 2010. The positive project outcomes over the years have consolidated trust between Sky and Fincons Group, both in terms of product potential and of technical skill. This partnership has been fruitful from a functional, technological and operational perspective allowing the Group to assist in evolving Sky’s platforms over a period of time.

One example of this is the development by Fincons Group of the OTT Digital multi-platform, initially employed for Sky Go in 2010, then adapted and extended over the years to enable Sky Ticket (formerly called Sky Online) and Sky Snap.

Through these initiatives Sky Deutschland has been able to guarantee its subscriber access to video content via a second set-top box, PC or portable device, well ahead of its competitors in a phase of innovation in digital content distribution. Subsequently, Sky was also able to offer content to non-satellite subscribers using solely an internet connection without requiring wires, satellites or IPTV.