Fincons Group to present NEXTGEN TV platform at CES

Friday, January 3rd, 2020
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Fincons Group to present innovative platform to accelerate Next Gen TV roll-out at CES 2020

  • First ATSC 3.0-ready platform for Broadcaster App management, targeted TV advertising and AI-based TV personalization

LOS ANGELES — Fincons Group, a leading IT business consultancy, will be presenting its new Smart Digital Platform (SDP) designed to accelerate Next Gen TV roll-out for media and broadcast businesses at CES this January.

The SDP introduces a revolutionary publishing tool that redefines application development as it enables automatic generation of applications, thus accelerating Hybrid TV and OTT service delivery. The framework distributes functionalities in logical “SMART” modules that form the basis for Hybrid TV solutions. It enables Broadcaster Apps to have advanced monetization models through Addressable Advertising, provides contextual information through a Now/Next and Channel dashboard and encourages greater viewer engagement via an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), video on demand sections and catch-up content. Fincons’ SDP uniquely also features full automation of the Hybrid TV asset preparation chain. It is the first platform that is entirely compatible with both European HbbTV and new US ATSC 3.0 standards, a feature that derives from the company’s unique pioneering role in the development of both standards.

The ATSC 3.0-ready platform takes TV personalization and interactivity to the next level by fully leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with plugins for market-leading ML engines. At CES broadcasters will be able to see the platform in action in deployed, live applications that leverage the TV personalization potential of AI.

In addition to the core features of content management and application publishing, Fincons Group will show how ATSC 3.0 interactivity, combined with cloud machine-learning services, are already being used to analyze video assets and to provide personalized navigation, for example enabling users to skip appearances by their favorite actors by identifying celebrity appearances through face recognition techniques, or by watching a car race in catchup, skipping through the most relevant moments, such as starts, overtakes, collisions, interviews. The platform is already being evaluated by sports networks and leagues to develop TV apps for contests, betting and gaming.

Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO Fincons Group and CEO Fincons.US, comments: “A year ago we announced our new platform, the Fincons Smart Digital Platform to the market and explained its potential as the sole platform that integrates with both HbbTV and ATSC 3.0 standards. We have been working hard since then to turn this potential into live, working applications that we are proud to be presenting to you here at CES. Our objective is to continue to deliver on our commitment towards advancing technology for Next Gen TV for broadcasters and the viewers of the future.”