Wyplay introduces an Android TV Operator Tier Launcher

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
Wyplay logo

COLOGNE, Germany — ANGACOM — Wyplay is pleased to announce the introduction of it’s new Android TV Operator Tier Launcher as part of its existing suite of user experience products.

The Operator Tier Launcher has been added to Wyplay’s Linux, iOS and Android applications to provide operators with the option to extend their offering to Android TV whilst retaining control of their brand experience.

The Wyplay Operator Tier Launcher offers operators the opportunity to launch a managed Android TV solution that focuses on their brand, allows them to own the user experience and prioritizes their content ahead of content provided by third party applications.

The Wyplay Operator Tier Launcher combines the best of a traditional pay TV experience including linear channels, TV guide and PVR recordings, with advanced connected features like VOD, catch-up, start-over TV, auto start, multi-user and voice control. All of these features are available with Wyplay’s Premium reference user interface (UI) designed by the Wyplay design studio, or as a custom UI developed specifically to match an operator’s requirements. In addition to developing a custom application, Wyplay can also assist with the design of the custom UI via the Wyplay design studio.

Compliant with all of Google’s user interface requirements, the Wyplay Android Operator Tier Launcher incorporates all the benefits of Android TV including access to the Google Playstore, the Google Voice Assistant and the unified search. When deploying the Wyplay Operator Tier Launcher, operators can select which third party applications they want to pre-install to ensure that priority applications are immediately available to all of their customers.

In addition, Wyplay has developed the Operator Tier Launcher with an abstraction layer that makes it easy to integrate with backend systems (SMS/CMS) or to launch a consistent cross device experience including mobile, tablet, PC/Mac and Apple TV applications.

“It’s clear that pay TV operators are now considering Android TV for their next STB and so we are very pleased to add an Operator Tier Launcher to our suite of User Experience Products” said Jacques Bourgninaud, CEO of Wyplay. “With many years of experience developing client solutions for Tier 1 pay TV operators, Wyplay are well placed to provide all the assistance required to make the move to Android TV”